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Health Advisory Description: mites forward the last two months there are a few small lumps sometimes itchy inflammation of the marvel had a small lump to hospitals to ascertain skin mites doctors say is there to help me out of quietly white stripes….. thing. and that is the monad droppings. I must say that the usage of the treatment cost is likewise high. want their own medicines in opposition to treatment. The use drugs?
Laboratory exhibition results: once mites dermatitis
Once and effectiveness of manipulation: plastic surgeon said my skin redness has appeared attenuated cuticle.
I thank the doctor with respect to a quick answer – how to discourse on and prevent

Condition analysis:
Hello, usual human skin mites are parasites. In total. The human body does not bring about any serious impact. But for men who have oily skin. When the unctuous glands. For mites provide favorable procreation habitat. mites increase. metabolites of parasites and trencher-friend death is easy to clog pores. be inclined generate erythema. papules and pustules steady the face and other symptoms.
Recommended method of treating under the guidance of professional doctors. Remedy. Let the oil secretion patency inside of the hair follicle can use sulfur soap Herbal acacia. Benzoyl peroxide ablution outside inflammation may also be more insecticidal oral medications such as oral metronidazole film. A different dimension pricking or medicine, such as Sophora. any hundred. hawthorn. skullcap, etc. In adding Often wash your face with enthusiastic water. keep facial skin clean but that also conducive to healing.

Condition dissection:
Generally does not matter. Redness chiefly because facial telangiectasia or part caused on the surface facial capillaries position phenomenon is slight and sensitive skin. A cold. A burning when emotional face more red. Causes redness broadly divided brace types: type and induce hereditary genetic multi-familial genetic evoked the greatest in number common type.

Guidance: Do not re-use external supplies contain any irritating ingredients of care UV AHA skin irritation and other factors sourness be using the familiar unfamiliar replaced one time every cosmetic cosmetics will bring new risks……

Condition analysis:
This is the predicament in the main simply kill the mites.
More probable sulfur ointment. Metronidazole ointment oral metronidazole and tinidazole and other miticides.
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