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Acute otitis media, spoken anti-inflammatory drugs, the effect is not open, the drip

Health Advisory Description: Go to the hospital, reported that acute otitis media want the physician prescribed an intravenous drip drip of drug: ceftazidime metronidazole to plug dexamethasone be possible to do.? My ears did not melt any pus! Just pain. Left back tooth pain followed. Pain can not death. One would have to eat ibuprofen rack to stop! He ate the two ibuprofen.
So after two bottles of healing art. Began to feel a little ears deadened feeling – as heard as on the supposition that through what will be a suitable point. I would go would subsist like this?
I thank the physician for a quick answer – for what reason to treat and prevent

Condition parsing:
Hello according to what you before-mentioned. You are pain caused by otitis media.
I intimate you continue medication as prescribed management. SYMPTOMS There is medication to palliate the lack of time.

Condition calculus:
Acute respiratory tract, chronic inflammation of the Hello, prevention and treatment. Suffering from a cold, should be appropriate to place person percent hemp can drop screen ~ substance, then let nasal patency. Do not force blow your nose, nasal discharge and added, you can hold down the indirect of the nose gently to thump out, or suction by mouth pierce it out. Do not always rule otic unclear governance apparatus. is not floating in sewage, avoid direct trauma.

Eardrum wrong prevention. Has been trauma should actively stop infection. Eardrum injury at the end of the more old perforation or out of place for swimming, bathing water shall hinder ear. Tympanic membrane perforation old, with no history of pus, possible tympanic membrane repair surgery, which can improve hearing, but also have power to prevent middle ear infections.

Condition analytics:
Generally available penicillins. Cephalosporins and other drugs, in the same state as proper and timely early manipulation. Prevents the tympanic membrane. After taking the size of the perforation of pus for bacterial culture and sensitivity touchstone.
Referring to the results in lieu sensitive to antibiotics. Antibiotics need to application about 10 days. Pay attention to rest. Clear the seat . Systemic symptoms were given rehydration therapy stay.

Otitis media is the involvement of the mean ear (including the eustachian tube. Tympanic tympanum sinus and mastoid air cells) total or part of the structure of inflammatory lesions. Predilection in children. Divided into non-feculent and purulent two categories. Nonsuppurative sex included otitis media through effusion. barotrauma otitis media, etc. suppurative who gain acute and chronic, sub. specificity … All >>
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