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psychic heat
Oh, shit. Lawrence’s premiere psychedelic garage-rockers (we be seized of enough of them for that to have ~ing a thing) Psychic Heat signed through Kansas City label High Dive Records. The label and society both announced that info today via their respective social media pages, side by side with this tasty jam called “Stargazer.” The track’s not modern: you’ve been hearing it in promos because of KJHK all semester, and it comes from finally year’s Brighter and Lighter EP, limit it’s definitely a solid try the flavor of of what you can expect from their debut replete-length, out later this year.

That replete-length, by the way, was recorded ~ means of Kid Congo and the Pink Money Birds’ Ron Miller, and joined and mastered by Kliph Scurlock, in the same manner I’ve no doubt it’s going to judicious bonkers. High Dive’s been signing each local band worth knowing lately — we’re eagerly awaiting Bummer’s Spank EP — in like manner here’s to hoping for some kind of label showcase soon. I’m strong it’s warp minds and be made gentle faces.

Speaking of shows, Oh! Snap! Photography bullet some video of Psychic Heat at the Replay Lounge in Lawrence this past time weekend, and you should totally watch it.

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