Posted in Flagyl on May 17, 2015

I went to my favor visit with the new doc earlier this month. They deposit me on this regimen for 14 weeks – couple weeks on, one week off towards 2 cycles, then 2 weeks put ~ and 2 weeks off for 2 cycles. This preservation of health includes Mepron, more Artemesin (but sole MWF, not daily), and Flagyl. I’m in the second week of the first cycle and these meds (or the herx or anything soever) are rough.

Extreme nausea. All set time long I feel like I’m going to throw up (except never do). I went to set last night feeling that way and woke up to it this early part). At points it’s so pernicious I can’t focus on anything else.

Bad headaches – like my be directed is in a vise.

Face feels impetuous/flushed – doesn’t hurt or anything – precisely weird.

General flu-like feeling.

I’m not certain I’ve felt this bad in the way that consistently before. Even my off days (meds are MWF) are unhappy, but the weekend wasn’t horrible. Thursday and Friday I become to take Flagyl with the others too.

The doc told me to focus more on detoxing: drinking lots of lemon water and green tea, saunas, epsom poignancy baths, etc. I’m trying still it doesn’t seem to help much. I just want to creep in bed and sleep it off… admitting that only it were that easy.

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Over the at the outset two weeks he may gradually remodel that dose from 2 mg to 1 mg two times a day.