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~ the agency of Nancy Kay, DVM 

There’s a doom to be said for a healthy walk with your dog after a hard rainstorm. The landscape appears refreshed, the aeriform fluid smells great, and you and your dog earn to unleash some cabin fever!

As merriment as it is to watch your dog spatter and play in the puddles you encounter on your walk, some caution is advised. Depending without interrupti~ the surrounding environment, those pools of rank water can harbor some health hazards.


Leptospirosis organisms are bacteria that get rich in wet climates. Wild animals, specifically deer and rodents, and some domesticated animals (cows, sheep, pigs) have power to be leptospirosis carriers. Although infected, these mammals defend good health while shedding leptospirosis organisms in their urine.

Dogs can contact leptospirosis by intemperate habits from water sources contaminated with urine from an infected animal. 

Puddles that be in actual possession of formed from rain runoff certainly limit as such a source. A study of the prevalence of canine leptospirosis in the United States and Canada revealed that disease prevalence correlates with the amount of rainfall. The to a greater degree rain, the more dogs diagnosed with leptospirosis.

Not all dogs become sick when exposed to leptospirosis, but on account of those that do, the results be possible to be devastating.

Leptospirosis most commonly causes kidney failure. Associated symptoms embody lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetency. The liver and lungs are also targets for this disease. The diagnosis of leptospirosis is made by way of blood and urine testing. Successful usage consists of antibiotics and supportive therapy of the like kind as supplemental fluids.

The leptospirosis vaccination does a gain job of protecting against this illness. Talk with your veterinarian about whether or not this vaccine makes moral perception given where you live and the character of your dog’s extracurricular activities.


Giardia are microscopic, protozoan organisms that live within the of the intestines tracts of a variety of domesticated and untamed animals. The infectious (contagious) forms are diffuse within the feces and readily corrupt water sources. This is one of the leading reasons it is recommended that hikers and backpackers drink and nothing else filtered water. A 2012 study documented that dogs who protect dog parks are more likely to example positive for giardia than those who cheat not attend dog parks.

The most common symptom caused by giardiasis in dogs is diarrhea

Vomiting and ruin of appetite may also occur. The diagnosis is made by way of stool sample testing. A handful of medications be possible to be used to rid the intestinal tract of giardia. Metronidazole and fenbendazole are the sum of ~ units most commonly used. The diagnosis of giardia in one dog may warrant treatment of the pure household herd, as giardia is extremely contagious from dog to dog. It can also be transmitted to other group , including cats and humans.


Consumption of excepting that a very tiny amount of antifreeze have power to have devastating consequences for dogs. Ethylene glycol, the quick ingredient in antifreeze, causes acute, ofttimes irreversible kidney failure. Symptoms typically contain lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of gust, weakness, and ultimately coma and/or seizures. The diagnosis is made based without ceasing history, urine and blood testing, and ofttimes a kidney biopsy. Unfortunately, even through aggressive and expensive therapy, most dogs endurance from antifreeze toxicity don’t remain alive.

Until relatively recently, antifreeze had a engaging taste rendering it all the greater amount of enticing to dogs and children

In 2012 antifreeze manufacturers were strained to add a bittering agent to their products. Even through the addition of a bitter partake of, vigilance is required to prevent antifreeze toxicity. A weak amount of antifreeze within a puddle may not be enough to discourage a thirsty dog from drinking.

Antifreeze sources include open product containers and antifreeze leaks from the undercarriage of vehicles. When with your dog, be sure to keep away from puddles that have formed in and encircling parking lots.

Take home message

My goal in powerful you about the potential perils of puddles isn’t to convince you to confine your dogs indoors. Heck, my dogs hike away leash with me daily, rain or glare. Rather, my objective is to increase your awareness so that you desire be mindful about where your dog drinks at what time out and about with you (~t any parking lot puddles!). I encourage you to allege awareness of the symptoms of leptospirosis, giardiasis, and antifreeze toxicity thus that, if observed, you will search for veterinary attention right away.

Does your dog require exposure to puddles?


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