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Determination of PFOR gene assertion in strains of G. intestinalis through different inhibitory concentrations of metronidazole.

J Infect Dev Ctries. 2015;9(5):519-23

Authors: Begaydarova R, Yukhnevich Y, Babenko D, Kaliyeva S, Azizov I, Muldaeva G, Omarkulov B

INTRODUCTION: Giardia intestinalis is the chiefly important and common diarrhea-causing slavish protozoa worldwide with growing clinical relevance in persons health. There are many documented cases of G. intestinalis check to metronidazole (MZ). Pyruvate: ferredoxin oxidoreductase (PFOR), the membrane-localized enzyme, plays a key role in the development of resistance to drugs. The aim of the not past nor future study was to evaluate the rupture in the levels of PFOR gene form of words between MZ-resistant and MZ-sensitive strains of G. intestinatlis.
METHODOLOGY: From 159 samples with G. intestinalis cysts, 48 strains were favorably cultivated. Using specific pair primers, PFOR gene expressions were estimated in various groups of Giardia. The polymerase enslave reaction (PCR) data were analyzed by Bayesian analysis of qRT-PCR data using MCMC.qpcr package, with belonging to expression software tool (REST) and quantitative PCR CopyCount tissue source.
RESULTS: In the group of Giardia with minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of 6.3 µM, the fit of PFOR gene expression was downregulated and compared with controls, differed by 1.5 to 2.8 periods. At the same time, there was ~t any significant difference in PFOR gene suitable feeling and execution between the control (susceptible) group and the clump with MIC of 3.2 µM.
CONCLUSIONS: Though in that place is association between PFOR gene term and metronidazole resistance of Giardia intestinalis, the on a ~ of PFOR gene expression cannot be a strong genetic marker to betoken level of resistance to metronidazole based attached MICs.

PMID: 25989172 [PubMed – in procedure]

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