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Prominent portion of the family of cichlids and added specifically of the genus Symphysodon, colloquially known similar to discus, is a genus of cichlids natural to the Amazon River basin. The discus fish is considered by many aquarists in the same proportion that the most beautiful freshwater fish.

Amazon River Basin

The “King of the Aquarium” has a attractiveness that goes beyond its beautiful flag or fascinating behavior and has turn to tremendously popular in the world. However, it is reputed to be a difficult fish, very delicate, in the way that much so that many aquarists give credit to and advise that simply is not character trying to keep them. This item aims to demonstrate the falseness of these prejudices born of disinformation and diminutive concern for the specific needs of this magnificent fish.

Blue diamond discus

Before talking about specific care, I would suggest to some general concepts you should perpetually keep in mind:

There are 2 types aquarists bear disus fish:

the first are those who begin into a store and buy a disk fish impulsively loved it, mostly without knowing your requirements. These aquarists (usually newbie) endure a terrible experience and are responsible for generating the bad reputation of the drag.
There is a second group of aquarists to visit the discus fish, turns around, goes home and begins to study everything I be able to to be properly prepared when starting the concoct. Hopefully, you belong to the approve group.
The more you learn near the front of you start, the more you be delighted with the results. Perhaps a lively book can be the best investing. in the hobby. We be required to be clear that first of all we aquarists, that is, maintain furnish with ~ with a number of living organisms in our tanks (from bacteria to bob and plants) and therefore is mould worry about the chemical and take in ~ conditions for the proper development of these organisms. Fish care is not on the eve the fish, if not water chemistry. A public error (and often fatal) is deplorable to adapt discus fish to the conditions of an aquarium instead of the aquarium qualify to the specific needs of the discus fish care. We can’t go to war let slip the dogs of war against the genetic heritage of the fashion. Not at least 60 years of vary. Many discus fish born in enthralment with other parameters of water does not mode that your immune system are not the same from the wild. They be able to survive under different conditions does not intermediate they are correct and both life expectation and the potential of the angle. The discus fish are demanding catch both in power and water stipulations and are more prone to diseases and parasites other endeavor to call out in adverse conditions. If the two power and water conditions are rectilinear, they are tremendously resilient and salutary fish.

wild discus fish

To keep discus fish it is furthermore necessary to know its biotope and characteristics of this: The disk fish are Amazonian tropical fish, in the main of pure, warm, calm, dark waters the Black River and its branches. With the Amazon floods and downrush the territories of the discus draw up is constantly transformed and aquatic vegetation is almost nonexistent. The valley is muddy, with logs and dead foliage. Among the many submerged roots and tree trunks be enacted by and feel safer disks, grouping for the most part in family groups or schools that easily exceed 20 copies. In the unrestrained there are plenty of decaying constitutional material (leaves, stems) causing the provisions which are suitable discus fish. With very much acidic water and pH in the Amazon varies betwixt 4.0 and 6.0 GH or wet hardness is almost zero from 0.27 to 0.68 A extremely important feature of acid pH, It is the musing of many types of bacteria, in the first place causing disease. These bacteria and some fungi occur in more alkaline waters. And existing bacteria and pathogens in acidic waters are rather harmless. Therefore the discus seek by indirection are so “complicated” in aquariums through the wrong parameters, as they take evolved over millions of years practically free of bacteria and fungi environments and your immune plan is poor. As a tropical climate, the temperature of the stream black fluctuates between 27.5 ° to 30 degrees Celsius. This is serious since many parasites at that degree of heat both internal (intestinal) and external (unblemished dot, etc.) are kept at bay. The discus fish are also used as the ammonium in acidic supply with ~ , the toxic ammonia is converted to NH3 NH4 + is the preferred figure of nitrogen that plants use during food. It is for this judgment that the disks need clean wet, so frequent refills and controlled levels of nitrites. People who murmur or make fun of the “difficult” it is to be true to records, I submit to you the following: If we understand the conditions these fish need (acidic waters, stop, 30º Celsius and constantly under revival) ……. it’s going to subsist a difficult fish? Yet verily when something goes wrong to issue black, are tilted they swim in circles, bestow their black stripes generally show more degree of stress in their demeanor. Many times I have heard that the disk fish die for this or that intuitional faculty when in fact the problem is the importance which cause the bad conditions and that resolve in diseases, eating disorders and expansion. In this make us a real experience discus fish or a splendid nightmare.

red melon discus in tank

Chronologically review the steps to high hill your discus fish Aquarium

The Discus Aquarium:

It is the at the outset thing to solve. Ideally magnitude should not be less than 120x50x50 cm. In this progress the discus fish are best shown and in that place is greater biological balance. 50 liters per discus fish is calculated and ideally from a collection of at least 5-6. Consider the volume that will have as adults. The aquarium should be in a place where you be inclined not get direct sunlight and to what there is much movement finds ~t one traffic.

There aquarists prefer to hold fast them in aquariums without decoration. I personally advance them closer to their natural natural locality environment, even in the Amazonian waters in that place is almost no vegetation. If you conversion to an act an aquarium without decoration, try to place a layer of gravel, as in a superior manner retain sediments and not dislodged quoit fish to look through the vessel. If you want an Amazon biotope, you can place a substrate prepared based up~ clay, humus and peat and engender thick with native species or resistant to tropical temperatures as gender Echinoderms hybrids. A densely planted aquarium helps your quoit fish to delimit territories and feel in addition comfortable to have more hiding places. You can decorate with logs and stones lacking edges or points that can work damage to the discus fish. When frightened and shape for cover they can be grieve by something.

Lighting: The right to lodge the plants. I recommend the Phillips 840 and 965 tubes (30 lumens for liter). Although coming from ignorant waters, mostly discus fish not bothered loose. Hours on recommended and off unwavering for greater efficiency photoperiod (12 hours).Ideal in like manner serious injection of CO2 to optimize establish growth. Heating:

A thermo-heater forceful 300 watts is ideal because be less and therefore increases the lifetime of the thermostat.

The chiefly suitable filter is a type external filter bottle. Under no attendant conditions filter plates only dirt accumulates subject to the gravel view. Ideally, the total of the aquarium water to fissure about 4-5 times per twenty-fourth part of a day minimum. The filter should contain mechanical filtration, biological and chemical necessary.

Water: the chiefly important aquarium; you must measure the parameters of your rap water to see if changes necessity give you. If your ~-house water is soft and acidic heed yourself lucky. If not, and your furnish with ~ is hard, alkaline or both, self-reliance look at the need for buffers to take down the pH, the grace of clown is that tampon its pH to the desired price. You should apply carefully on this account that sudden changes in pH can parch plants and stress the fish. Remember that the pH gradation is a logarithmic relationship. It be possible to also be used to acidify peat and wet acids beneficial step add to their records. A pH of 5.5 to 6.5 is fantastic but 7.0 is still ok. If your get ~ is very hard, and over 10 GH is desirable to use distilled, which ultimately is some excellent choice. Water must removes ponderous metals, silicates and chlorine. Anyway quoit fish can hold water with strong hardness and is only strictly indispensable thing for reproduction, but as we consider said. There are ideal terms for discus fish and ultimately desire their quality of life and possible.

You must cycle the aquarium in the van of entering any fish. If you accept with disks with other species, they are real good companions tetra (Cardinals, drunks, serapes) loricariids and overall shape which share geographic location. Neons are not recommended being of the kind which they are in colder waters. Nor scalar on this account that they are much more aggressive than quoit fish lunchtime and also carry parasites that are undamaged to them but harmful to the discus fish. Another point are the snails. Many commonalty avoid them in their aquariums in the same manner with they are intermediate hosts for different types of parasites. An model of this is that every year in greater numbers than 200 million people are infected worldwide through parasites that the snails need to perfect their life cycle. Besides snails quoit fish much ammonium

Choosing disucs search by dragging:

We know that it is best to start with a group of at in the smallest degree 5-6 discus fish. The earliest criterion for choosing discus fish should for ever be health. Before the redness and variety even, Better to pay a not much more and be sure you are buying a description drive to save some money and sooner or later have trouble with a bad discus fish. How cheap is expensive at the extremity.

What is there to consider at the time that buying a discus fish?
– fix upon them personally
– find out which you are eating food (varied and not merely tubifex and dyes)
– see that this defective eating (eating disk While this strong almost always)
– display active and not -reserved or hidden (sign of good health and low stress)
– check the parameters of vendor (if not respect someone is not grave)
– breathe coordinated by the couple gall ( if loach for 1 alone may be obliged parasites on the gills)
– eyes are proportionate to body (if they are to a high degree large or disproportionate is a sign of inflammation of the spine and / or malnutrition)
– Avoid quoit fish with the dark body
– Avoid disk fish elongated shapes, should be being of the cl~s who round as possible and with admirable dorsal and anal deployed and in good condition
Maintenance of Discus fish:

Discus endeavor to call out chose to anyway submit to quarantine and chide that they are 100% healthy. Especially on this account that importers and business people in common are not very respectful of this necessary act. To minimize the stress of impressive you can apply a chemical exemplar “stress-guard” or “aquatint” and record the disks using the technique of dripping. After a unite of days (if they are entirely given conditions) discus fish should call forth eating normally and reorder their nests. The nest is one important point. As good cichlids obtain a dominance hierarchy structure that is without particularizing the weakest “down” by others and ends stressed or demise for lack of food that was not allowed to eat their tank mates. Although you give them the best conditions and sufficiency food, so does the instinct of survival: get rid of the weakest who usually bear the brunt of the attacks is carried. Remove the weaker liquefaction is not much, as the system of gradation tends to run a step. Assaults are other thing stressful than physically harmful to the endeavor to call out. When disks are young it is fit to make large water changes and provide for several times a day. Between 2 and 12 months is one age if the disk does not open properly, you may lose potential. 3-4 spells a day to feed the young is up~. Independent of the age of the quoit fish, are recommended spare parts 50% of the aquarium take in ~ weekly. It looks like much but it is not for the quoit fish. I would even utter it is one of the chiefly important in the proper care of disk fish points. Fresh water and conditioned is the key with the correct diet If occupies distilled or RO take in ~ is very pure, consider using trail elements . Fish absorb nutrients the pair their food and their environment and is some excellent complement especially in the puerile stage Discus fish


There is a expanded range of specific foods discus catch flakes and granules, but should not subsist the only diet. It new wine be supplemented with live food (tubifex elude because it is very dirty) and broth. It is better to feed several times a day in puny quantities and rarely variety and lots of it. The fish’s abide is about the demeanor of the view. It is easier to deprive of life a fish supercharging starvation. The disk fish are no exception. A nutriment that can never be overlooked are the soup because they are comprehensive, include vegetable and really help the drive to unravel properly. This is a true good porridge. It can have ~ing prepared medicated or not. His records gladly will become addicted to it and chew and swallow from her hand. No leftovers this moment siphons until after half an twenty-fourth part of a day, since the discus fish are looking in favor of leftovers after a while.

Porridge with regard to Discus fish


– 100 grams. flesh of neat-cattle heart.
– 100g. Hake.
– 100g. of shrimp tails.
– 100g.broccoli. – 1/2 carrot.
– 1/2 egg yolk. – 1/3 banana.
– 1/3 peeled apple.
– 1/3 kiwi
– 1 stolid clove garlic.
– 1 is fishtamin.
– 1 Box Metronidazole 250 mg.
– dull jelly

-. Spending all on the Juicer
– The stimulate is hard, is used only the tip (1/2 of the yolk, as it is very polluting).
– The mussels are made mist. They get into a stoop with about two inches of take in ~ and cover the pot. This is to reject any pathogen.
– Once you bear gone through all good blender, combine thoroughly in a large bowl.
– In a slight water 4 tablets of 250 mg metronidazole dissolved. It is during the time that white milk. Check that wholly the tablets are well dissolved. The liquefaction is mixed with water, treating equally entire mixing.
– wheat bran is placed thus that it is at a compatibility (similar to toothpaste) such that there is disarmed in the aquarium water. It is imperative that small degree wheat bran is placed, as it provides vitamins and fiber that assist the intestinal tract. – Once the desired conformableness is taken, dissolved envelope jelly without relish in warm water and added to the paste mixing fast as jelly in contact with the slurry (cold) condenses immediately. (Do not exercise boiling water because it can parch step jelly and some vitamins of the pasta).
– the pasta gets into a wallet and labeled as porridge for discus fish with metronidazole (1000 mg). GETS THE DATE THAT WAS DONE.
– You simple fellow in the freezer and wait. The next day the quantity to be used instead of disks is removed, thawed with aquarium take in ~, and bon appetit

.Recommended dosage:
– 3 days followed are given three meals a ~light. After a week off and go to the fray with three days completely meals.
– Very important to preserve careful with aquarium water parameters hospital, if possible after every meal porridge that engulf all about! If you respects and complies to the letter total the conditions they need discus draw up, will have one of the in the greatest degree gratifying rewards in the aquarium, a cluster of healthy discus fish, well fed, fleshy and assets is a show that no person is indifferent .

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