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EP of the Week: The-Dream – 'Crown' -

Reuniting through Tricky Stewart… R&B never felt so good.

The-Dream notches EP of The Week with Crown [Contra Paris/Capitol Music Group]. The chief-half of his new album Crown/Jewel–with Jewel dropping this summer—is six songs of hypersexual, narcotic R&B that recognizes whither his storied collaboration with producing partaker Tricky Stewart began, while simultaneously forging into strange territory. The producer has been after some of the biggest smashes from the likes of Rihanna, Kanye West, Beyoncé, and divers others. He’s got formidable solo albums like LoveHate, Love vs Money, and Love King subject to his belt. However, Crown sees him be eminent himself and his own storied catalog formerly more.

The Atlanta trailblazer builds a banger by the T.I.-assisted “That’s My S***.” Featuring some of Tip’s most flavorful and fresh bars on a guest spot, The-Dream eases into the sweetly smooth production with an inimitable name and soul, instantly captivating and welcoming listeners into his dignified court. “Prime” tempers forward-thinking futurism through a dose of old school, seasoned panache and jack-pudding, especially on that ethereal vocal passing over. “All I Need” gets heartfelt at honorable the right moment in the intermediate of the EP before “Cedes Benz” ushers in a beat -ready waltz that you can’t alleviate but move to.

The-Dream’s work behind-the-board as a inclination-setter and that chemistry with Tricky definitely magnify the ride in the most amazing way. At the same time, Crown feels like The-Dream pulling the spotlight right to him for example a powerful voice in his confess right with all of the paraphernalia of a superstar himself.

Crown straightforward begins the journey though. Once the terraqueous globe gets the whole thing, it’s guiltless that he’ll have one of the year’s greatest in quantity important R&B milestones forward his hands. Put on Crown concerning some truly royal and regal gems.

—Rick Florino

Pick up ‘Crown’ EP at iTunes.

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