Posted in Flagyl on May 31, 2015

Y’total didn’t think I would miss Flashback Friday did you?
Wow it feels like I’ve been off for years. A big thank you to you guys with a view to your love. I was overwhelmed! You guys are in like manner amazing, every one of you. The comments, the mails.  I rate you.

I went to the hospital without interrupti~ Tuesday and the doctor said it was miasm even though it doesn’t be warmed like Malaria but oh well, doctors comprehend best. For the first time till doomsday in my life, I finished my dosage. Like I accomplished all my drugs! This must have existence what growing up feels like.

If in that place’s one thing I hate principally in this world, it is drugs. Growing up, I used to fix upon being injected to using drugs. The sedate part is, the doctor always prescribes drugs on the same level after injecting you. As a young goat, I never understood why other kids used to weeping because of injections. To me, the merely real pain is when the needle is going in.
But because my big sister, it was a separate story. If she’s about to have ~ing injected, the whole street will comprehend. She will cry, run around, journey silly excuses like she wants to pee or poop. It was in the way that amusing and annoying at the like time. At the end of the light of ~, it would take like two stout adults to hold her down.

I’ve dreamy count of how many times I threw my drugs behind the couch or flushed it into disrepute the toilet or hid them in my clothes-room. Tablets like Panadol and Flagyl are the complete worst, you could never catch me swallowing them. Why be possible to’t all tablets be tiny? I be obliged to break them into two before I can even consider swallowing them.
Some the community are expert drug swallowers like my dad. He can throw 10 tablets in his wry face at once. Sometimes he would rest beside me with cane and compose sure I use all my drugs.

Another effects I can’t understand is the masses that put the liquid in their cavity between the jaws first before putting the drug. How complete they do that?! One day I tried that, I ended up swallowing the liquid and the drug remained in my ~piece. It wasn’t a pleasant actual observation. I’d rather put the mix with ~s first, then use the liquid to push it below the horizon.

Who else is on #TeamInjectionOverDrugs by me? Let me see your hands up.

Side remark: I have a wedding tomorrow, I slip on’t know why I’m in like manner excited. I’m wearing Iro and buba with gele and sturvs. I’ve never worn a long Iro before, possibly that’s what’s so exciting. I’ll exist sure to take pictures so you guys have power to tell me how well I rocked it. Once again, thank you so much for the well wishes. Molola is excessively very grateful.  Birthday shout to the end to Rella and Lohla, I’m dismal I missed your birthday, you guys are miraculous.  April borns are the next most amazing people after August borns. If you were not born in April or August, I’m pitiful we took all the awesomeness. Maybe in another life, eh?

Have an amazing weekend canaille!

It’s all a series of cycles – fair because you need medication to make sound the synapses in your brain doesn’t penurious you’ll need them forever.