Posted in Flagyl on May 9, 2015

Have ~ing been searching online for pictures replicating what my fish have.. Have had cistern for over a year and not ever ending problems. Water levels all according to rule.. Did have a mild high nitrate with live plants always dying but resolved ~ dint of. pulling them!
Tank family: platys, mollies, guppies, pleco, Apple snail, loach, 6 Amano shrimp

Problem during months with: White dried scales/ dusty sprinkle tops/ glows in the dark by flash light so I believe I’ve nailed it to freshwater symbol oodinium?
I am also a selfish bit freaking out If there is try to catch ~ Tb in the tank… I had a small in number fish die several months back by curved spines, some having rapid living, scratching/ flashing randomly here and in that place.. I mainly see the Oodi in c~tinuance my mollies that are 5 months modern, and one that has lost whole scales and gone clear transparent! excluding also with patchy top…. Many seek by indirection are losing weight,, looking thin, I did carry one male that was constantly gasconade them all stressing them out. And happy finished course of general cure antib. With praziquantel and flagyl.
Water temp sink at 25-28. Lights on timer 8-2 and 5-10. Feed twice a day, 55G tank 30% water change q8days, sometime more :/ busy mom! I was doing it every 3 days to start the cistern but gave up a few months back.

Need withstand with: what medicine am I using in the absence of killing my invertebrates, loach and slug… I heard copper works but resoluteness kill my shrimp. I see Fishvet has products at a loss there for velvet.. Revive and Aqua pro Cure… But it has formaldehyde I regard and acriflavine in it.. It says it’s reliable on shrimp bUt I see forums that presume no… HELPPP!? Am I Treating aggregate tank? Don’t have a quarantine tend up yet/ how to treat either tank and switch back and forward! How to treat tank and not let slip through the fingers my seasoned bacteria… What is the design here
Thanks so much… Amazing the 1 we get for these little guys.. Spend greater amount of money on meds than it is to repay the fish!

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