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The Department of Economics and the School of Liberal Arts hosted Daniel Hamermesh at the IUPUI Campus Center taken in the character of the second speaker in the Martin C. Spechler Economic Speaker Series. Martin Spechler has served being of the kind which an economic consultant for U.S. command and international agencies, including the U.S. Department of State, NATO, the World Bank, and the Asian Development Bank. At the circumstance, Daniel Hamermesh lectured about his volume, “Beauty Pays.” The part is about how the connection betwixt having good looks and getting a upper hand paying job.

It took place in the Campus Center at IUPUI. At the end, they started off with food and minute conversation for a good hour. Once, the reprimand started, there were probably around sixty commonalty there and half looked to have ~ing students, while the other half were older, it may be faculty or visitors. I asked a different student why they were attending and they uttered they their economics teacher was giving revealed extra credit for attending. This is a confirmed incentive to get students to turn out these events.

I was interested in advent to this event, just to discover out how or why in our improvement, this happens. Daniel Hamermesh explained that fine part in the work places leads to a comparative advantage. Companies will sell more products or be able to sell their products for more allowing that they have attractive sales people. He backed this up with multiple surveys and research done in successi~ different companies. Hamermesh did address the case of “beauty is in the fix the ~ on of the beholder” by saying that to more extent there is a universal understanding, or agreement on what is considered enticing.

After attending the event and opportunity to be heard all the explanations on how and wherefore this is, I still have mingled feelings. It seems to me that this can work in a competitive, selling mart, but as for your everyday work at ~s, like a nurse, construction worker, or school-mistress, I do not see this sentient the case.  At least I would trust employers are going to base engrossment off of skill or knowledge, transversely looks, in such situations.

If this issue did not happen, I do not design much would be lost in the common. Even though Daniel Hamermesh had careful search to back up his claim, I observe not think the social message he was projecting was altogether that kind. Something he said that bothered me was through his previous secretaries that he had. He before-mentioned he hired an attractive secretary, and she discharge from; and then he hired another, and she set free. Finally, he hired an ugly scribe, and she outlasted him. I due do not see how looks should go-between into employment, unless you are selling a fruits and that person is directly involved.

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