Posted in Flagyl on May 1, 2015

Bam, even-handed like that, he’s sick again.

He was doing sooo well!  Back to bright, playful, not so much oxygen tiny man. He went back to reprove this week, we even got his slavish imitation done.  Yeah, the one he was supposed to receive done but got sick so we cancelled it.

But yesterday, at what time I took report from his rear, she mentioned that his heart price had been higher all night.

It stayed higher for the period of the day and at school he had a leash of nasty diapers.  Totally uncovered of the norm for him.  He came home, firmness rate kept climbing, and he slept, yet restless.  Not so much in the march of diapers either.

But by on the point 8:30, he started running a febrile disease.  And then through the adversity, he had diarrhea pretty much each hour.

This is where my emblematic friends are glad they’re not without interrupti~ my medical page.  We had lots of TMI ventilation about poop going.  At minutest, it was TMI for most populate.  But it was information I needed, and my peculiar needs mom friends have it.  Gotta have affection for it when you can call up~ the experts, ’cause yeah, that’s which they are.

Anyway, by this early part he started showing signs of dehydration, broken lips, pretty much no drool.  (You be assured of those bibs he wears?  Those aren’t even-handed for decoration.)

So I’ve started Pedialyte once more between his feedings and as gladly as the office opens, I’ll exist calling in.

We JUST BARELY qualified his Flagyl for the last orbed.  Like his last dose was at 2:00 this first blush of the ~.  About 30% of people by C.diff relapse.  I was veritably hoping to be part of the other 70%.

My out of money baby…

God didn’t promise days outside of pain, laughter without sorrow, 

nor light without rain, 

but He did pledge strength for the day 

and flimsy for the way.

Author Unknown

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