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Left palm and fingers work crushed fingers turn thick at present

Health Advisory Description: A bruised hand finger of the left hand finger work is currently concentrated infection for what reason to do ah.! Three months face to face with the injury several times to hinder the doctor said I finger is not spun out.
I thank the doctor for a with child answer – how to treat and prevent

Condition analysis:
Minor infections that can use hydrogen peroxide disinfection. Topical Yunnan Baiyao it.
Severe cases to full remove foreign bodies and necrotic conglomeration within the wound, remove pus and preclude the spread of inflammation, so that a polished growth of granulation tissue, while oral cefoxitin.

Condition analysis:
Hello. Your place belonging to an infection caused through trauma. Is the most common surgical diseases through rigorous disinfection wound with water. Diet be delivered of a relationship.
Recommend partial incision. With hydrogen peroxide rinse dressing quotidian oral amoxicillin and metronidazole tablets solicitous to avoid contact with dirty things pain. Avoid eating onion ginger garlic. Fish and other nutriment on it. I wish you health.

Condition analysis:
Hello. You appeared use the ~s injury. Need to identify the occasion as soon as possible. Active management.
I recommend that you swallow to the hospital orthopedic or surgical handling. Require debridement If indeed there is suppurating also require the use of antibiotics. Myself not misleader medication.

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