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… especially some who has inconveniently got a violence of work deadlines right in the halfway of the busiest part of organising Pedal adhering Parliament, and during an unexpected fount heatwave.

5am-6am: Wake up seasonably, for a productive hour spent fretting. Wonder suppose that I can possibly justify going to yoga this aurora given the amount I’ve got put ~. Neck informs me in no not sure terms that I can’t peradventure justify missing yoga either. In the period the neck, and yoga wins. Balance tipped ~ the agency of the fact that the meditation session afterwards offers the chance of a delightful nap, thereby cancelling out the hour’s fretting.

6am – 9am Get up, dressed. Check emails. Spend half an hour putting the finishing touches without ceasing a press release for POP Scotland. Check added emails. Send emails. Tweet stuff. Realise I’m with reference to to be late and dash round the house trying to find my yoga essence.

9am – 10am Cycle to Bigtown. Absolutely splendid morning. Shame I am going to devote most of it indoors staring at a protection. Get to yoga and nip into bike store next door to find out allowing that my front chainring has arrived over and above. Get to class to discover Yoga Bunny correct pipping me at the post with regard to the coveted corner slot.

10am – 11:30 am Ahhh. And rest. And I swear to God, it wasn’t me snoring at the close.

11:30 – 12 noon Rush in a circle Bigtown doing a bit of sociable media stuff for someone else’s viral marketing campaign (a quid pro quo for spreading the word about POP). Discover it’s harder than it looks to hold up a sign and take a photograph of a pile at the same time. How is everyone otherwise managing it? Do they have three arms? Are they taking the photo by their nose? In the end I fasten in a passer-by who turns revealed to recognise me because he sees me cycling above in Papershop Village. This being Bigtown, I am not in the in the smallest degree surprised.

Look up you don't know what you're missing

#GetDumfriesTalking Thank you random unknown who turned out not to subsist a complete stranger after all…

12 -1pm Pedal home. Still famed. And at least I get every hour or so of cycling in the sunshine

1-2pm Eat lunch on the bench having dealt with the gazillion emails that have accumulated in my want. Other half has learned that then I go in to fetch a part I will not come out again because I have picked up my phone and am tapping off at it, having completely forgotten what it is I came in because of.

2-3:30 pm Work. Realise for what reason behind I am. Work some greater quantity. Check emails. Aargh. Workity work labor. Emails. Work.

3:30 – 4pm Coffee steady the bench. There’s vitamin D to exist synthesised, you know, and we’re entirely deficient after a long winter.

4-5 pm Workity work work.

5pm Can’t stand it any longer. Toast on the bench in the be unexhausted of the sunshine before the light moves behind the house.

5:30 – 7:30 pm Work. Emails. Work. Emails. Facebook (it’s the whole of POP stuff, promise). Twitter. Panic. Work.

7:30 – 8:30 pm falsify dinner, phone in hand, checking emails and tweeting. Panic mildly with respect to meeting deadline.

8:30 – 10pm – lawful as supper is ready, old loved rings for a chat. Haven’t oral in ages. Fortunately she doesn’t intention me chewing in her ear for example we catch up.

10pm – 11pm Work. Eyes propped up through matchsticks, but thank goodness for the yoga nap. Ahem. musing. Finish work. Bed

5am Wake up fretting …

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