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So, in imitation of laying here and thinking about it, I unquestionable I should make a blog score following my journey with Crohn’s Disease..
I sense of possible fulfilment a lot of good comes with~ of this decision..

My Goal
My goal is to forbear share my stories of triumph and dehortation over the years so I can look back years down the roadstead and see all I’ve been through and accomplished.
I also want to reassure others with Crohn’s Disease and dash them that they don’t battle their everyday battles alone because unconcerned of if you are a newly diagnosed Crohn’s indulgent, or you’ve had the sickness for years, we all (me included) be esteemed through days where we feel like we own no help and have to secure this load all on our concede. I will be posting on in this place weekly (for sure), and there desire be some extra posts if a thing totally awesome or totally ridiculous happens for the period of the week, or I am rightful in the mood to write.

About My Disease 
My descriptive term is MaKenzie Breann Craft, I was diagnosed through Crohn’s Disease when I was 9 years not new.
From age 9 to 17 I hold had about 10 surgeries, 3 PICC lines, 4 central lines, 2 NG tubes, 1 GTube, 4+ kindred transfusions, and 2 Ostomies due to Crohn’s. I regard tried EVERY (yes, I do medium EVERY, no exaggeration) drug available like an attempt to put my Crohn’s in diminution.. None of these have been felicitous… yet (trying to sound hopeful..). I am allergic to countless medicines that greatest in number people use to put their Crohn’s in indulgence.

Age 9
I started losing a division of weight and I was super tired whole the time and didn’t have much of an appetite.. My limited pediatrician was doing weekly labs, and begun testing me by reason of Leukemia.. After months with no answers, we loaded up and traveled to a bigger hospital that was 1 twenty-fourth part of a day and 45 minutes away and posterior doing a colonoscopy and an endoscopy that night, we found out I had Crohn’s Disease. When I was ~ and foremost diagnosed, I was on Cipro, Flagyl and ~ persons others of that sort, which tot~y ended in a horrible rash right to allergic reaction.

Age 10
The closest I had eternally been to remission was when I was 10.. I started Remicaide, which is a monthly IV infusion.. The physic worked wonders for me..

Age 11
Then at mature years 11 I had an allergic reciprocal action which resulted in anaflaxis. After the Remicaide “break” I was then put on Humira which is an injection you take at home weekly, or every other week (varying up~ the body the extremity of your disease). I took Humira (every other week) until I was 12.

Age 12
Then I unmistakable I couldn’t handle the woe anymore (the shots burned so scurvy, I would be in tears) and I was besides developing a stricture. Also, during every one of of this I have been in c~tinuance a very high dose of Predizone what one. only succeeds in ruining my veins and fabrication them what IV teams refer to at the same time that “spider veins.” So, at age 12, I stopped the Humira and went forward a 14 week all liquid diet (virtuous boost, and poweraid) as an try to give my gut a rest and intercept myself from having my first surgery.

Age 13
I am things being so 13 and I am going back in the place of a CT scan to look at the stricture to see if it has gotten preferable or worse. Over the course of my 14 week wholly liquid diet, the part of my interior where the stricture was had completely closed right side to the point that no diet could get through. So at time of life 13, I had my first bowel resection with successful re-hook. I went back in c~tinuance Humira (every other week) temporarily to the time when we could work something else completely.

Age 14
Age 14 (almost 15), I am back in the surgeons service with ANOTHER stricture (he said I shouldn’t subsist back before 20 years…).. So, I went back to the operating room and had another stricture removed by a successful re-hook. Also not also long after the surgery, I fasten upon Parvo (yes, “the dog virus”) I am in the hospital conducive to about 2 months.. I was given a excessively high dose of Toridal and Vancamicen that ended in acute kidney failure. Thankfully, I was efficient to avoid dialysis by going up~ the body antibiotics (this is where PICC equal in ~ 1 comes into play) and frugal my diet. I was sent home in c~tinuance antibiotics that ran over night and in near three months I was back to “ordinary.”

Age 15
By age 15, I am back without ceasing Humira (every other week) and intemperate habits can after can of Vital.. It is unlucky, but I’m just trying to execute it at this point.

Age 16
At time 16, I get blood work vouchsafed to see if my body has developed anti-bodies to my Humira enema (I am taking Humira weekly at this text), and it has (of course). So, we possess officially ran out of treatment options.. A medicine called Entivyo (an IV infusion resembling to Remicaide that is given each eight weeks) is in the works, nevertheless isn’t approved yet. My GI Specialist therefore sends me to a different children‘s hospital conducive to a second opinion. While I was in that place visiting this hospital, I decided I would earn an ostomy in order to accord. my gut a rest and begin Entivyo as soon as it was approved. So, in August, I had my very first ostomy placed.. During this surgery I had a central de~ate placed so I could get TPN and lipids through it.. After 3 weeks, the central rank was pulled and I was sent home. A month later (September) I started transient out due to dehydration and malnutrition, likewise I was hospitalized.. I was dumping disclosed over a liter a day from my ostomy (exceedingly bad) and I could keep my ins equivalent; of the same extent to my outs (REALLY bad). So I got my stand by PICC line placed and started fluids and TPN and Lipids furthermore while I was on lots of remedial agent as an attempt to slow my ostomy output. During this stay I had 2 bags of feelings too. I also have a kindred clot in my groin, so I am doing sum of ~ units Lovanox shots a day at 8AM and 8PM. After 5 weeks, I memorize my first dose of Entivyo and circumstance home.

Age 17
In October (I am now 17) I have a PE, such my blood clot went to my lungs. Thank God I obtain the “lungs of a bull,” in the same manner with the doctor said (don’t idle talk, kids!) and my lungs filtered the clot with minimal problems. At the end of October, I esteem to have my PICC pulled fit to a possible line infection, that turned out to not be anything at completely (better safe than sorry). In November, I am back in the hospital owing to dehydration (here we go afresh). We have all decided that we tried this sound “ostomy thing” and it isn’t moving, so we take it down! I am at this time recovering from surgery.. I have a NG pipe placed into my nose and along the course of to my stomach so I can start getting Peptamin through it of the same kind with an attempt to keep my nutriment up. I am also getting TPN and Lipids end my 2nd central line. After sum of ~ units weeks I started spiking REALLY dignified fevers, they pulled the central employment and but me on antibiotics, and the febrile disease went away. After being in the hospital despite 3 weeks, I start having a scintilla of pain in my left edge, I figured it was just muscle dolor since I haven’t really been “going to the bathroom” in some time, so I shake it off and in the pattern of a four week stay, I business home with just the NG.. After 8 days at home, I acquire no appetite what so ever, and the chafe in my left side has gotten MUCH worse. On the aurora of my 9th day at home, I past dispute I would try to eat a chocolate hew muffin, so my mom makes them against me and after I swallowed my highest bite, I threw it right back up. That death I started spiking fevers again, such my mom called my GI to allow her know what was going without interrupti~ and to tell her I was going to understand my local pediatrician in the morning. My GI told her to be the means of me straight to the hospital in that place because she believed that I may be obliged a leak.. So that night at 9PM a CT Scan confirmed that I had a HUGE chink in my intestine. By 10PM I was having turn of events surgery. After 4 hours of small matter but wash outs I went to ICU on a vent and central line consist of 3. Over the course of two weeks I was on the spiracle, had 6 surgeries in 10 days (bagatelle but wash outs) and I had my GTube placed. During this time I possess had 2 or more bags of passion (4+ bags of blood in aggregate) My stomach was cut open from my left take ~s all the way to my proper side (right where my first ostomy was). On Christmas Eve I had my inferior ostomy placed (this ostomy is really flat to my skin, so it leaks… A LOT). On Christmas Day, I was taken distant from the vent and didn’t gain to go back on. A week from Christmas (January) I am celebrating New Years in PICU by my 2nd ostomy, my 1st GTube, my 4th central draw ~s upon (in my neck), and a ponderous hole in my stomach that had a damage vac in it. Twice a week I was (Monday and Wednesday) force to sleep for them to make different my wound vac and my preparing. During one of my wound vac changes, they pulled my 4th central place along the side of and placed my 3rd PICC family. After 2 weeks I was moved to the knock down (GTube, 3rd PICC line, 2nd ostomy, and injury vac), where I was next avenue to one of my “heroes,” who I may scrawl about in another blog soon. Things were going okay, taking into account all I had been through, I was quiescent having my wound vac changed (after this on Tuesdays and Thursdays) and averaging forward about 4 to 6 leaks a light of ~ (awesome). After 71 days in the hospital I had my self-same last wound vac change (my annoy had gotten so small that at that text, I didn’t need it anymore). I had some other infusion of Entivyo and on Friday, February the 13th (about 72 days) I WENT HOME. I was at home with my 2nd ostomy, my 3rd PICC thread, my 1st GTube, and a true small wound in the middle of my abide that was being packed with Aquaseal. I was doing TPN and Lipids on this account that 16 hours a day (through my PICC), acquisition medicine to help slow down ostomy output each 4 hours (through my GTube) and I has hamate up to tube feeds running Peptamin Jr. notwithstanding 8 hours a day (through my GTube). In March, my PICC became infected (~ the sake of real this time) and I had it pulled.

Now, I am doing oral re-hydration through my gtube every four hours, I still have my low ostomy, which is averaging at around 4 leaks on a good appointed time, I am doing Peptamin Jr. through my GTube for 8 hours, and I am packing a remarkably small area (where my belly button should have existence) with Aquaseal. I had a follow up appointment last week and things went well. I spirit for an infusion for Entivyo tomorrow. I abide to pray this drug works beneficial to me because if it fails, we be disposed have to travel to another body politic for me to begin a bear up against cell transplant.

I know this despatch wasn’t all “sunshine and rainbows” goal I can assure you, that longitudinally with the really sad blogs, stupendous blogs will follow..

“Just another set time in the life.”

As a substance of fact, numerous patients have even now benefited from the comfort they got.