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Ya gotta gain stuff for the trail.  So since that everything is almost perfectly at hand, I’ve taken the time to itemize All The Things.  Sorry, not at all weights.  That’s just in addition much.

Sleeping/ shelter:

wpid-CAM01021.jpg   wpid-CAM01027.jpg

Pack – Golite Breeze, modified

Sleeping quilt – Golite Tall

Shelter – DIY silicon-nylon  undivided person tarp, stowbag

Foam pad, chopped abruptly

Umbrella – Golite Dome, modified

Groundsheet – 3 mil easily moulded

5 titanium tent stakes, one MSR Groundhog (I like to acquire one wide one for tarp stay in loose soil)

Garbage bag parcel liner

Cooking and food gear:


MSR aluminum 1.5l cookpot, modified, with stowbag

SnowPeak Ti mug, modified

DIY nutriment stowbag, red

White Box alcohol stove, DIY stowbag with attached lighter and tripod lashing cordage

Stove windscreen

Platypus 2L shed ~ bladder

.5l Alcohol fuel bottle

Bamboo spoon, modified

Clothing not threadbare:

(this would typically be a sort lighter but given the earlier twitch and a look at the temperatures I added the devoid of warmth-weather stuff)


Fleece face mask

Fleece hat

Sleep socks (my feet seem to regulate how warm I am)

Mt. Hardware waterproof/ breathable stringed instrument jacket, modified

Golite Reed w/b exfoliate pants, modified

Cotton bandana (may divide in half and double over granting that I can find a sewing organization)

Patagonia fleece liner gloves

Patagonia mid weight base layer bottoms

North Face base bed. shirt, modified

REI Fleece top, modified

DIY silicon/ nylon clothing stowbag

Golite quilt sil/nylon trash bag

OR Helios  sun hat, modified

DIY silk sunshine leggings, mitts, and chopped sleeves from a silk shirt

Other array:


Map bag, one section maps, place information

Journal/ attached pencil, modified

Timex ladies triathlon watch

Toiletries violin – Liquid soap, toothbrush, floss stab, hand sanitizer, earplugs, DIY stowbag

Bug repellant, 1oz container  (should possess left this in the drift box) (Non-DEET, Picardin rule)

Sunblock, 2 oz in a 3 oz bottle (moisturizer added)

“Wallet” – Taped soft bag, $100, $20, $10, $5 and a few ones, credit and ATM card, driver’s disorder

Trail ditty bag sil/ nylon – Classic Swiss Army knife, compass, gymnastic tape, lip balm, Black Diamond Headlight (every one of modified)

DIY stowbag for aromatic herbs

“Problems” working implements – DIY stowbag, detail below

Problem solver fiddle detail (first aid, etc):


First help kit – 4 bandaids, 1 four-sided figure moleskin, 1 2×2 pad, 1 4×4 easy-paced horse, safety pins, packet salt, antibiotic gel, antiseptic lapwing, resealable bag

Aspirin and Ibuprofen, little container

Imodium AD and instructions, trifling container

Iodine water purification tablets, glass container


Waterproof marry container with matches, candles, striker (brace sewing needles attached to case)

P38 be possible to opener, hi-vis lanyard

Fire outfit – sparker and vasaline-saturated cotton-wool balls in plastic bag

Extra SD photo card

Spare flashlight (actually lighter than a spare battery

Sewing filament wrapped on old earplug

Clothing impaired :


Altra Torin running shoes, modified

Thin nylon liner socks (and supplementary pair)

REI cargo hiking shorts

Polyester defective-sleeve dress shirt from an Oklahoma good-husbandry store

Of course I’ll usually have ~ing wearing the watch and hat.


Nothing’s excellent, despite the 8 months of prepping.  The line of conduct of Flagyl antibiotics I got in Mexico somehow has disappeared, and  I don’t bear a brand new journal.  My intimate Kat  disappeared into LAX today through my camera in her purse.  The bug repellant won’t exist needed for many miles, and the bandana and whistle could every one of do with a bit of change.  I also do not receive a water bottle.

I’m forgetting about the antibiotics as there’s nothing else to have existence done, Kat’s overnighting the camera, I’ll compel the bug stuff in the tendency box at the first opportunity, and I’ll gain the bottle from a store.  Bandana and whistle I don’t positively care about, and I may get a  journal somewhere in the fore-rank.  Or, there’s one in the diluvial formations box and I can use the individual I’ve been using for the drilling hikes until then.

I’d be fond of to weigh everything but I account the total is around 13 lbs, through fuel, no water or food.  Not likewise ultra-light these days but I’m pleased.


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