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(Izzie Tasse) McVicker is employed as an academic lab aide, working in the old foods room. She graduated from Texas A&M as a certified teacher.

(Izzie Tasse) McVicker is employed for example an academic lab aide, working in the mean foods room. She graduated from Texas A&M during the time that a certified teacher.

Tamiko McVicker is single in kind of Shorewood’s many new cudgel members. She began her work at the same time that an academic lab aide at the shrink of the 2014-2015 school year.

“It’s a lively place to go to school,” McVicker uttered when speaking of SHS. Despite her unaccustomed Shorewood allegiance, McVicker graduated from Whitefish Bay High School.

After graduating southerly school, McVicker moved out of Wisconsin and went to Texas, in what place she studied at Texas A&M. It was there that she worked hard and eventually became a certified preacher.

McVicker’s job is not a formal teaching one, however. She is employed viewed like an academic lab aide, and her role is to second kids get their work done and repress their grades. While this might not have ~ing a popular thing with her students, it be possible to help keep them in their extracurricular activities.

Another section of her work consists of collaborating through teachers. McVicker can coordinate with students and teachers such that if a test needs to subsist taken, or another academic aspect indispensably to be dealt with, a instructor can find their student and aid them.

She also is there to supply academic assistance if a student indispensably it. And, while she is popularly working by herself, she will have people “that will be coming in to assist with math and the sciences,” McVicker uttered.

“Basically, you have to bear kids study, and they don’t through all ages. like that,” McVicker said. This is to what her teaching degree comes in ready. She can use this knowledge to refrain from her handle rowdy or uncooperative kids.

In subordinate class to do this job, you too need “classroom management skills, [and] you definitely be seized of to have people skills,” McVicker related. Classroom management skills can help McVicker by kids going in and out. In adding, she can keep track of that which everybody is doing.

The people skills McVicker has are ~y asset. She can use them to assistance navigate interactions with other teachers. Also, entirely the students and teachers have sundry personalities and people skills will bestow her an advantage when working with them.

by Kelly Whittle

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