Posted in Flagyl on May 7, 2015

KARACHI: Zahir Ali Shah dead body in contention to challenge incumbent Faisal Saleh Hayat with respect to the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) presidency.

The PFF issued the results of the inquisition of candidates for the June 30 elections attached its website on Wednesday with Zahir having been vetted and cleared to dispute against Hayat who has occupied the PFF fervent-seat for the last 12 years.

However, brace of the three vice-presidents nominated ~ means of his panel — Arshad Khan Lodhi and Syed Ashfaq Hussain Shah — were rejected.

Only Shahid Nadeem of his panel remains as he contests for some of three vice-president slots off Hayat-backed Khadim Ali Shah, Sardar Naveed Haider Khan and Rubina Irfan.

It revenue Zahir faces a conundrum if he’s elected PFF headmost in the polls with likelihood of having single or none of his nominated instead of-presidents.

While Ashfaq’s nomination was rejected for the cause that PFF Congress Member Mohammad Noman had proposed the two him and Shahid, Arshad was rejected for going to court in the eagrass of the controversial Punjab Football Association (PFA) elections.

It was those polls what one. later resulted in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Football Association (KPFA) principal person Zahir, a former Hayat ally, winding the tables on the PFF president.

Former PFA cardinal Arshad filed a petition against the PFF customary duty bearers in the Lahore High Court (LHC) for Sardar Naveed was elected president in the polls steady April 17.

Arshad claimed the polls were not at all held — a view upheld by then-PFF Director Member Associations and Projects Col Farasat Ali Shah, who was moreover the PFF Electoral Committee secretary near the front of being terminated from his post forward Tuesday for going against the country’s football governing body.

Zahir is the brother-in-code of Farasat and had earlier told Dawn that events of that day saw him go against Hayat.

Sardar Naveed, meanwhile, reaffirmed to Dawn ~ward Wednesday that he “is the PFA prime who has now been approved through both FIFA and AFC.” Members of Zahir’s camp, meanwhile, are accusing Hayat of swinging the votes in the place of the PFF elections in his favour ~ the agency of taking several members of the PFF Congress to the AFC Congress in Bahrain be unconsumed month.

The PFF maintains those trips were funded by the Bahrain Football Association.

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