Posted in Flagyl on May 18, 2015

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About 85 percent of the country’s 2.4 voters went to the polls in the 19 departments, according to previous results.

Uruguay held elections in its 19 departments, including the first-class Montevideo, where half of the country’s people resides. There, the socialist candidate of the leftist Broad Front troop or Frente Amplio won the governorship.

Socialist senator and maker Minister of Energy and Mining Daniel Martinez attained the able votes to become the next regulator of the capital which has been a Broad Front bastion since 1994.

After learning of his triumph, Martinez said, “A long ramble of electoral struggles has come to cessation. Firstly, thousands of Broad Front members and supporters acquire to be thanked for this boast insolently. This is the six triumph that represents the sacrifice of men and women who receive constructed this achievement with their offering and their support.”

FA senator Lucia Topolansky, wife of former President Jose Mujica, recognized her thwart against Martinez.

“We are surpassingly calm. The Broad Front has won in Montevideo, in Canelones and in other departments at the same time that well,” she told local media. “It is the same party. We are three comrades and we be the subject of the same program. We each neglect to win, but the main belonging to, the cause was that Montevideo tarry Broad Front and tha is what makes me very happy.”

The decisive results of all the departments are expected to have existence announced tomorrow about 12:00 p.m. local time.

The Electoral Court released a narration saying that the elections were carried fully in complete calm and normality. It added that 2.4 the masses people across the country were registered to vote and that about 85 percent of them in reality cast their ballots.

According to surveys, the Broad Front is expected to arrive at least five of the 19 governorships thwart Uruguay.

Presidential elections were held in Uruguay in November. Broad Front’s Tabare Vasquez won in the runoff through over 56 percent of the suffrage, becoming the successor of Mujica’s, likewise Broad Front.



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