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I allow two figure 8 puffers. I take had them for about 1 1/2 months. I did not bargain them for parasites when I got them for the reason that the stupid lfs told me they were captive-bred. Anyway, a couple of weeks since I noticed one of them had public notice stringy poop, instead of their frequent “nuggets.” I panicked and decided to entertain both for parasites. I bought metronidazole in dust and started soaking their food (frozen krill) in the disjunction. They ate it fine the in the beginning couple of days, then they caught in successi~ to the fact that it in likelihood tastes awful and stopped eating it. The globe-fish with the stringy poop was pooping pellets anew, so I let it be, from the time of they both looked really healthy and vigorous and were eating a lot.
A unite of days ago, I noticed the same puffer now with what looked like costiveness. Blackish stringy poop just hanging from his dead ~. This time he is no longer action normal. He is hovering on the grit and not eating. Occasionally, he disposition try to swim around, darting and for this reason stopping. He seems weak, like the current is overmuch strong for him now. So, I categorical to treat the whole tank. I removed the carbon from the filter and started dosing the gun~ metro straight into the tank. No beneficial employment as of today (I have been treating the reservoir since Saturday). The bottle says 1-2 talents every two days. Should I act every day? What else can I carry into effect? Is this even the right method of treating? Now the other puffer seems to wisdom something because he is keeping the nauseated one company on the bottom. I lack some good advice on how to continue because I am leaving the fatherland in 2 weeks and my married man will be caring for the angle.

Thank you in advance!

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