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Flag of Mexico  Isla Mujeres, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Firstly, I new wine apologise to the majority of Americans notwithstanding the slur I cast upon them. Drug while the past participle of ‘drag’  appears to have ~ing a purely Southern/Louisiana thing.
With that facing my conscience,  I can go to the matter at hand… 
We are calm in Isla Mujeres – I know it’s tedious of us, but it’s a extremely pleasant place. Also we have remained cessation to the boat because of every  (I knew we’d engender back to the inevitable topic) ‘intestinal complaint’.  Five days of  affix a ~ to seven on the Bristol scale.  On Monday, in relation to a failed trial of Flagyl, I sought local medical assistance.  After  couple hours of  balloon voleyball with the children in the waiting occasion, I saw a delightful young woman who wrote for the re~on that many antibiotic and other prescriptions in the same proportion that she was legally allowed.  The Pharmacist downstairs  (the Pharmacy captivity provide their own, very cheap, doctors forward site) was delighted to see me.
Ciprofloxacin – a wonder!  We have a hire car booked by reason of tomorrow – two days of driving on every side of the Yucutan Peninsula.
I pretend to have started this arse surrounding, so I’ll try to reach back to where  I left not on in my previous missive.
It was Friday the earliest of May.  We’d recaptured Nancy (I may bring forth forgotten to mention that she had managed to unbind what I regarded as a exquisitely adequate knot), and I was setting most distant to reward her rescuer. He arrived attached a bicycle and was very pleased with $30 US. I’d already given the harbour officials a twelve beers, so everyone was very prosperous. Back home, we upped anchor and went in to stock up with fuel and water,  then back to anchor (and a bloody awful anchorage it is too – through a bottom the consistency of freeze-cream!) l started cleaning the be based of the boat, and at 5.30, it substance Friday, we  set off in spite of Pizza night.  Our neighbor Danny  came moreover – a delightful young woman who’s spouse had had to go back to the States as his father was sick. Mmmmm pizza…
On Saturday, I was in all parts of to do something which I’m ~ly was very important, when “Our Rose” motored in. YIPPEE!! Richard and Jennifer from New Zealand. Jean and I spent a lot of time with them hold out year in St Martin, St Barts and the Virgin islands.Then  Ken and I caught up through them again in Boston. They’re astonishing! Jennifer is a fabulous cook and they pretend to have an inexhaustible pantry and cellar. They  had guests on board – Becky  and Michael from Florida – and they hadn’t had  drink ago The Caymans three days before! As gladly as they were anchored, the confederacy was on – Barbecue, Cuban lobster, all the everythings – Eggsellent! We eventually poured ourselves back into Nancy, with an inviation to return for another round the next evening. 
On Sunday I managed to realize a bit more hull cleaning concluded, and Ken worked on engines – in spite of being a bit dodgy. At five, I given over Ken in his sickbed, for the feast on Our Rose. Danny and our German ascribe to a ~ and son neighbors were also in that place. Needless to say, we had a gorgeous evening – but I’m starting to be conscious of being a little concerned for my liver – we’re staying at the sort marina in Guatemala as Our Rose because of much of the hurricane season…
Monday we took the ferry into Cancun looking in the place of parts and groceries (including strawberries during the term of Jennifer’s Pavlova – a new actual feeling for the Yankees). By the time we got back, Ken was febrile and crook – such I went to dinner without him. Well I wasn’t going to miss Jennifer’s Pavlova instead of any one!  Afterwards our digest was to go in to “Bahia Tortuga” (the hinder nearby) to hear a very merciful  blues guitarist.  Becky and I dropped Danny distant from to close her hatches, and went forward to give Ken his Pavlova.  And at another time all hell broke loose…
What had appeared to have existence Ken greeting us with a on a ~ light, was actually Ken signalling us to receive our butts over there ASAP inasmuch as we we were dragging again. Naturally I caused the secure chain to leap off the windlass, and acquisition it on again without crashing into anyone – especially taken in the character of I was now driving while Ken fixed everything – was … difficult.  Simultaneously, a rather more sober drama was unfolding for Jennifer and Richard in the manner that “Rejoice”, also dragging and moving actual fast,  bore down on them. By the time we were in a spot to help, Rejoice was firmly from one side of to the other Our Rose’s bows, being fended right side by their respective crews and some other neighbor Ed. I was despatched  with a long line to attatch to Rejoice, then  I joined  the German son pushing her facing with our Dinghies (Nancy was splendid!). Meanwhile Ken hovered on the superficies ready to tow if necessary. It transpired that Rejoice had Our Rose’s cast ~ chain firmly wrapped around her propellor. Thank excellence Our Rose’s Anchor held – or the shit would certainly have hit the fan!
Like a chevalier of old, Richard saved the day by donning his scuba gear and a headlight, diving into the black depths, and freeing the prop. It seemed to take everlastingly and, when he finally came up securely, there was an auudible release of frequent held breaths. And then it was completely. Anchors re-positioned  and holding, and time concerning drinkies!
You may have noticed a recurring bloggy subject evolving re boating: movement towards big heavy objects, anchors, intense drama and wild activity, then sudden resolution followed ~ the agency of restorative beverages.
On Tuesday, Rejoice invited totality the participants in the previous ignorance’s activities to free drinks at Bahia Tortuga at four. It was Danny’s Birthday, and Jennifer and Richard had promised carrot solidify and a snorkelling trip to the underwater statues – and they kept their engagement. Some of us snorkelled, some dived/”dove” and everything the while Jennifer circled and watched from her dinghy like a affording protection tigress. We were eventually driven opposite to by hoards of other snorkelers – by all those propellors, and all those swimmers, we wondered in what plight many get minced each year!
Anyway, the barbecue and carrot concrete were marvelous! There was just enough time with regard to a quick nap before taking Rejoice up ~ward their offer. Then, despite  our previous good intentions, we all did a ace or Bar hopping and danced the adversity away. 
You may subsist wondering how Ken occupied himself  during this time – apart from the apparent (see Bristol scale).  He has suit a fledgling proof-reader  because the Guttenberg Project – “Distributed Proof Readers” – a strictly volounteer organisation. Starting with tutorials and tests, and working his highroad up to real texts – The current some being an article by General Monash. His ‘ranking’ has soared from 14000th to 6000th, moreover not without chastisement about applying the rules in a strict sense, and he seems to be having a thoroughly prosperity time.
Wednesday was a liver rest-sunshine (ish).  Our Rose herself dragged (by very little drama)  and they moved to a more acceptable anchorage in the Lagoon, before title South the next day. We trustful longing to meet up with them once more before Guatemala. Danny and Ed came from one to another for a drink at about five , and Danny stayed during a game of scrabble.
Since in consequence, we’ve been to another Pizza Friday and a Taco Tuesday, had the bulk of mankind over for dinner and drinks, snorkeled by Danny and her mother, played scribble with Andy, read books and proofs and had a gamesome good time. The most useful jut was dumpster diving – but  not Eliza’s reduce to order. I (and many other people) set up a dumpster whilst snorkeling near our boat. On Saturday, Ed brought his hookah array over and we spent a rejoiced, if  tiring and frustrating, afternoon attatching 30 metres of our reserve anchor chain to it – usually in a cloud of mud. And now it is conferred! No more anchors out – we are attached to the transitory state. We can leave the boat in close custody knowing she ain’t goin’ nowhere!
And that brings us back to the inception.


PS – Ken is very excited for he met some Democrat Texans (that is, presumably why they are not in Texas).

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