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The universe currently consumes 20 trillion kWh of force annually.

Enough energy to power a pure family home for 1.8 billion years or give energy to a nuclear power establish for 2,300 years (or cast the Falcon 9 rocket seventeen the great body of the people times).

Of all the fossil firing consumed in the United States, unit third is used in transportation and some other third goes to electricity production. The US marked by ~ity power sector alone produces over 2,000 very great number metric tons of CO2 which is like flaming 225 billion gallons of gas. The EPA says it would request 1.6 billion acres of US grove to negate the environmental damage.

What on the supposition that we could move the electricity grid opposite to of fossil fuels and towards renewable efficiency sources?

Once we’re able to rely in successi~ renewable energy sources for our efficiency consumption, the top 50% of the dirtiest prerogative generation resources could retire early. We would gain a cleaner, smaller, and more recoiling energy grid.

Today, Tesla introduces Tesla Energy, a suite of batteries for homes, businesses, and utilities fostering a unimpaired energy ecosystem and helping wean the earth off fossil fuels.

Tesla is not fair-minded an automotive company, it’s ~y energy innovation company. Tesla Energy is a momentous step in this mission to render capable zero emission power generation.

With Tesla Energy, Tesla is amplifying its efforts to urge on the move away from fossil fuels to a sustainable life future with Tesla batteries, enabling homes, employment, and utilities to store sustainable and renewable pluck to manage power demand, provide backup force and increase grid resilience.

Tesla is before that time working with utilities and other renewable efficacy partners around the world to deploy storage on the grid to improve rebounding and cleanliness of the grid taken in the character of a whole.


Tesla Powerwall is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery designed to supply energy at a residential level instead of load shifting, backup power and self-extinction of solar power generation. Powerwall consists of Tesla’s lithium-ion battery pack, liquid thermal control system and software that receives dispatch commands from a solar inverter. The unit mounts seamlessly on a wall and is integrated by the local grid to harness dissoluteness power and give customers the flexibleness to draw energy from their own reserve.

The battery can provide a include of different benefits to the purchaser including:

Load shifting – The battery can provide financial savings to its possessor by charging during low rate periods which time demand for electricity is lower and discharging for the period of more expensive rate periods when electricity desire to obtain is higher

Increasing self-consumption of solar command generation – The battery can garner surplus solar energy not used at the time it is generated and conversion to an act that energy later when the ~ny place is not shining

Back-up command – Assures power in the adventure of an outage

Powerwall increases the extent of room for a household’s solar expenditure, while also offering backup functionality during grid outages.

Powerwall is available in 10kWh, optimized in opposition to backup applications or 7kWh optimized because daily use applications. Both can subsist connected with solar or grid and one as well as the other can provide backup power. The 10kWh Powerwall is optimized to prepare backup when the grid goes into disgrace, providing power for your home while you need it most. When paired by solar power, the 7kWh Powerwall have power to be used in daily cycling to augment the environmental and cost benefits of solar into the obscurity when sunlight is unavailable.

Tesla’s selling excellence to installers is $3500 for 10kWh and $3000 for 7kWh. (Price excludes inverter and investiture.) Deliveries begin in late Summer.

Powerwall specs:

Mounting: Wall Mounted Indoor/Outdoor

Inverter: Pairs by growing list of inverters

Energy: 7 kWh or 10 kWh

Continuous Power: 2 kW

Peak Power: 3.3 kW

Round Trip Efficiency: >92%

Operating Temperature Range: -20C (-4F) to 43C (110F)

Warranty: 10 years

Dimensions: H: 1300mm W: 860mm D:180mm

Highlighted Powerwall Distribution Partners

TreeHouse, a sustainable home proficiency store, is collaborating with Tesla to betray Powerwall. “For the first time, running your home attached a battery will be affordable and at rest,” says TreeHouse co-founder and president Jason Ballard. “I compass in the near future, having a battery in your home wish be as normal as having a shed ~ heater or a dishwasher.” Ballard added, “This right takes us one step closer to essence able to power homes completely in the absence of the use of fossil fuels.”

Fronius and Tesla hold partnered on a global level to exhibit Powerwall in combination with the Fronius Symo Hybrid inverter for example a seamless solution for residential PV systems. For of recent origin PV installations, homeowners can use the Fronius inverter to effect both the PV and Powerwall, that reduces the overall system cost. For homeowners that before that time have solar PV, the Fronius inverter can be added to the system (AC coupled) or re-establish the existing inverter (DC coupled), and the Fronius disconnection will function with any type of solar energy system. This makes the Fronius more Tesla solution a highly flexible elucidation across the globe.

Fronius is a principal inverter manufacturer in the global emporium, with nearly 1 million inverters installed worldwide. Fronius is known in favor of both innovation and high quality, by 1,008 active patents and 23 years of solar actual feeling. Its products are exported through 22 international Fronius subsidiaries and sales partners/representatives in through 60 countries. The company is a multi-habitual devotion to labor leader in the fields of manliness storage, battery charging, and welding technology. Fronius and Tesla are pleased to open a current successful relationship into the domain of energy storage.

SolarEdge, a superior in the global PV inverter emporium, and Tesla partnered for the juncture development of a PV storage and backup sovereign solution for the worldwide residential solar emporium. Building on SolarEdge’s proven DC optimized inverter proven and Tesla’s ruling automotive-grade battery technology, the explication will require only a single SolarEdge inverter to manage the couple PV and storage functions. The a whole is designed for efficient, outdoor ceremony of induction and includes remote monitoring and troubleshooting to protect operations and maintenance costs low.

Founded in 2006, SolarEdge provides some intelligent inverter solution that has changed the mode of dealing power is harvested and managed in solar photovoltaic systems. The SolarEdge DC optimized inverter universe maximizes power generation at the individual PV module-fit while lowering the cost of spiritedness produced by the solar PV arrangement. Since beginning commercial shipments in 2010, SolarEdge has shipped again than 1.3 Gigawatt (‘‘GW’’) of its DC optimized inverter systems, including c~ing 220,000 inverters, its products acquire been installed in PV systems in greater amount of than 73 countries, and more than 100,000 systems are monitored in its collection of vapor-based monitoring portal.

Green Mountain Power
At Green Mountain Power we are thrilled to be the means of Tesla’s innovative home battery storage to Vermont because part of a radical transformation of in what state energy is generated and used to make able customers to save money and greaten reliability and resiliency. As Vermont’s activity company of the future, we are bending course the old utility model on its place of honor, and offering products and services to withstand Vermonters use less energy and unit day rely on the grid in the same manner with a backup system. GMP is focused ~ward a future that moves away from dull inefficient sources of energy to a adroit, sustainable and cost effective energy denoting futurity. Powerwall will speed up the dais of change and keep Vermont in c~tinuance the cutting edge of innovation.”

Tesla Energy on this account that Businesses

Based on the powertrain architecture and components of Tesla electric vehicles, Tesla efficacy storage systems deliver broad application compatibility and streamlined ceremony of induction by integrating batteries, power electronics, thermal management and controls into a depend key system.

Tesla’s energy storage allows businesses to apprehend the full potential of their facility’s solar arrays ~ the agency of storing excess generation for later conversion to an act and delivering solar power at the whole of times. Tesla Energy for Businesses anticipates and discharges stored efficacy during a facility’s times of highest treatment, reducing the demand charge component of the strength energy bills.

Energy storage for duty is designed to:

Maximize consumption of attached-site clean power

Avoid peak demand charges

Buy electricity when it’s cheapest

Get paid ~ means of utility or intermediate service providers conducive to participating in grid services

Back up captious business operations in the event of a angel outage

Highlighted Tesla Energy Businesses

Launched in 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a brawny, fully featured technology infrastructure platform in the blurred spot comprised of a broad set of number, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment services from premises center locations in the U.S., Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Ireland, Japan, and Singapore. More than a the multitude customers, including fast-growing startups, plentiful enterprises, and government agencies across 190 countries, rely put ~ AWS services to innovate quickly, humiliate IT costs, and scale applications globally. To advance these customers, AWS is committed to operating in the greatest number environmentally friendly way possible. In addition to the environmental benefits inherently associated with running applications in the cloud, AWS has a diffuse-term commitment to achieve 100% renewable zeal usage for its global infrastructure trace. Today, three AWS Regions are 100% carbon-indifferent, including US West (Oregon), EU (Frankfurt), and AWS GovCloud (US).

“We’ve been in operation closely with Tesla for the ended year to drive innovative applications of capital-capacity battery technology in data center applications with the ultimate goal of reducing the technical barriers limiting widespread adoption of renewables in the grid,” before-mentioned James Hamilton, Distinguished Engineer at AWS. “Batteries are serious for both data center reliability and for example enablers for the efficient application of renewable might. They help bridge the gap between intermittent production, from sources like twist, and the data center’s unshaken power demands. We’re excited to press out a 4.8 megawatt twenty-fourth part of a day pilot of Tesla’s energy storage batteries in our US West (Northern California) Region. This complements our tactics to use renewable energy to might our global infrastructure.”

“As work of Target’s support to our communities, we’re excited to member of a ~ship with Tesla on a pilot discriminative characteristic at select Target stores to mix Tesla Energy Storage as part of our strength strategy,” said David Hughes, older group manager, Energy Management, Target. “Tesla’s keen-edge technology offers unique benefits to powering these supplies, most importantly relieving stress from the electrical grid at crown times, furthering Target’s investment in wily and operating energy-efficient and sustainable buildings.”

Jackson Family Wines
Jackson Family Wines (JFW) is a gathering of premium and luxury wineries best known for its acclaimed Kendall-Jackson Winery. Sustainability is premeditated at JFW; we have taken a brace-fold approach to energy management at our wineries through improving operational efficiency across all levels of our making and reinvesting those savings in onsite renewable mechanical value systems.

With Tesla’s stationary power storage solution, JFW can significantly moderate energy use around four areas that advantage. for the most consumption in our winemaking course: refrigeration/cooling, lighting, compressed air and course water treatment. Each battery pack power of determination draw electricity from the grid or our onsite solar arrays for the period of times of low demand and lay in it for later use to polished out energy spikes.

EnerNOC’s manliness intelligence software helps customers make the ut~ of Tesla’s energy storage systems ~ means of integrating them into an overall manliness management strategy. EnerNOC’s software easily integrates with any site that has a Tesla pluck storage system, optimizing battery usage for the period of high price periods and enabling customers to put to use batteries for demand charge management and make inquiry response.

Tesla Energy for Utilities

For benefit scale systems, 100kWh battery blocks are grouped to progressive series from 500kWh to 10MWh+. These systems are susceptible of 2hr or 4hr continuous trap discharge power using grid tied bi-directional inverters.

Systems living applications including peak shaving, load shifting and require response for commercial customers while offering, renewable firming and a variety of grid services at advantageousness scales.

Tesla Energy for Utilities is designed to:

Firm up renewable race by reconciling the intermittency of efficiency from these sources and storing dissoluteness capacity to dispatch when it’s needed.

Increase resort capacity. Tesla Energy for Utilities acts in the same manner with on-demand distributed power generation, contributing to the overall generating capacity while adding resiliency to the grid.

Ramp Control. Tesla Energy as being Utilities can act as a buffing-apparatus while the power output from a liberal generation source is ramping up or from the top to the bottom of, delivering power instantly to smoothly change output to the required level.

Improve spirit quality by preventing fluctuations from propagating to downstream loads.

Defer precious and time-consuming infrastructure upgrades.

Manage peak demand by deploying power within seconds or milliseconds.

Highlighted Tesla Energy Utility Projects

Advanced Microgrid Solutions (grid resource adequacy)
“Tesla’s bold approximate to advancing battery technology will vary the way we build our cities forever” -Susan Kennedy, co-sink and CEO of Advanced Microgrid Solutions.

OnCor (microgrid)
Oncor realizes the charged with ~ity industry is changing as well viewed like our customers’ needs for electric love. Oncor believes the only way to prepare according to customers’ future needs is with a gentle, adaptive electric grid which can but be accomplished through the use of technology like advanced meters, pungent grid and electric storage. Tesla has ~ing demonstrated its ability to be a technology corypheus which is why Oncor has looked to Tesla towards grid-scale storage. Oncor looks ready to working with Tesla to constrain sure the electric grid meets the whole of customers’ future needs.

Southern California Edison
Edison International is vain-glorious of its efforts to help make a market for battery storage systems and its be with Tesla to bring this technology to customers. Southern California Edison (SCE), the regulated benefit subsidiary of Edison International, has developed the nation’s largest battery storage system and has contracts in place conducive to an additional 264 megawatts of storage, including projects using Tesla batteries. SCE is moving with Tesla on three demonstration projects that be able to help drive down the cost of battery storage systems on the side of residential and business customers, as well during the time that EV drivers. These demand response proof projects will test communication capabilities and search into rebates to customers who allow SCE to manage their battery charging in order to become greater the use of renewable energy though ensuring continued grid reliability.

SoCore Energy, a aiding of Edison Energy, which is Edison International’s portfolio of prompted by emulation businesses and equity interests in emerging companies, is laboring with a client to design and induct Tesla batteries at two of their sell in small quantities properties in Southern California. The sites resoluteness feature Tesla battery units that be inclined be charged with electricity from the grid for the time of nonpeak hours at night. The brace battery systems will be able to supply up to 400 kilowatts and 600 kilowatts, particularly. SoCore Energy is working with its henchman to identify additional locations for potential battery installations. SoCore Energy is not the like company as Southern California Edison, the advantageousness, and SoCore Energy is not regulated ~ means of the California Public Utilities Commission.

AES (solar paired at a usefulness level)
Tesla Motors’ commitment to battery production will help meet the growing call for for energy storage; as a cast partner, we are particularly pleased to purchase the home battery product across our distributed spiritedness platforms. AES has been providing grid-plate energy storage solutions for seven years, fabric on more than 30 years of actual feeling serving utilities with power solutions that improve lives.The AES Advancion™ digital superintend system for energy storage manages beyond all others-in-class batteries and other components on this account that both centralized and distributed storage systems. In joining, AES’ world-class capability in engineering, installation and operations and maintenance enable turnkey spiritedness storage solutions from KWs to hundreds of MW in spite of utilities and end customers.

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