Posted in Flagyl on May 22, 2015

I am merry that Miss M is diagnosed and is up~ her way to recovery. She (unfortunately) has gigardia and we started her up~ metronidazole (125mg) and tylosin (100mg), each 12 hours. It is really naughty to see her throwing up and curling up in her blanket excepting I am glad it will approach to an end soon.

How it fixed you might asked! well we were at a distance for a week and Miss M was in her darling boarding facility for that week. When we picked her up last Monday, they told us that a week prior to her arrival at the facility, a dog was boarding and later without interrupti~ diagnosed with gigardia. They added that they be under the necessity taken the necessary measures to cleanup and disinfect the place and there is noting notwithstanding us to worry about. When we got home, I googled the symptoms and watched M since next couple of days. She did not demonstrate any signs until Wednesday morning while she vomited once. Then she was ok to the time when Saturday when things took a grow for the worse and …. fast near the fore part to today… she has taken her medications and snoozing seemly now 🙂 

Los fitoesteroles son sustancias vegetales similares al colesterol humano que al aportarlos en la dieta no se absorben en el intestino y ayudan a reducir los niveles del llamado “colesterol malo” (LDL).