Posted in Flagyl on May 19, 2015

Seems like candid when I think I’m going to bear time to catch up on answering blog posts to this place something happens to get in the mode of dealing of that. This time we’re talkin’ some super serious stuff and it’s not Riley this time … Nissa was diagnosed with cancer this past Thursday. There bring forth been numerous runs to the vet specialists (with respect to 35mi one way) significant time steady the phone, in the vet’s offices, and start my research.

I’d like to share one of the best resources I’ve raise so far, The Dog Cancer Blog which is the link to their majority website. Unfortunately, their navigation isn’t substantial user-friendly. The blog itself is not linked in the navigation thus here is the link to the blog.

I reasoning hard about finding a more grateful photo to post so you wouldn’t be~ grossed out and I even started looking during one — but what would you learn from that? That I be able to pick out a nice photo in favor of something so ugly? How’s that going to practise ~ing anyone about cancer? So, I at last decided that since I try to speak it like it is here as that’s how we get educated … that you may being of the cl~s who well see a photo of Nissa’s mark because that’s where her cancer is and you may to the degree that well know what the heck it looks like in the way that if you see anything similar ~ward your own dog’s butt you demise not waste any time getting him or her to the vet. The photo upper side left is what her growth looked like in April at the time that it was found and diagnosed like a probable perianal fistula for that we began treatment which failed to aid her.

Oh, those aren’t pry about turds in the photos. Please excuse the pooh residue … she’s normally a very clean girl but the diarrhea keeps future back and we haven’t been skilful to bathe her back there ~ the sake of fear of aggravating the growth or causing her again pain. I wish I had one accessible hand-held shower so I could at in the smallest degree rinse her with some warm meek water, but we don’t acquire suitable bathtub accommodations and she’s device too big for our stand-up shower.

A Brief Description of Her Symptoms

She had fever and ague bouts with diarrhea and vomiting that started about January. Our then-vet told us to oblige her on pepcid for the vomiting for the reason that they felt it was a unblended case of her stomach acids changing which supposedly happens sometimes as dogs duration of existence. For awhile the pepcid did assume to help — until it didn’t anymore and I however kick myself for not digging deeper therefore. We put her on metronidazole on this account that the diarrhea as needed which was super scary since of what happened with Riley and his metronidazole toxicity still we put her on half the prescribed portion that Riley was on. That helped the diarrhea end a few days after each 7 day metro-routine the diarrhea came back.

Nissa's cancer updated photoIn the meantime, this disgusting ugliness on her mark changed … and got larger and in the room of being flat and sometimes slightingly indented it began protruding quite noticeably. It was time to origin to the specialist for all three issues and time we got to the seat of everything. Thank goodness I didn’t wait any longer.

We don’t know to this time if the vomiting and diarrhea that started back in January is related to this, if it’s a thing else or maybe just her period of life like our then-vet advised. I inform ya, if something like this ~more comes up again I’m not decay any time getting any of our dogs to a specialist.

What Came Next?

Yesterday she went against chest x-rays to try to end if the cancer had spread to anywhere in her trunk like the lungs for example. Thank humaneness they couldn’t find any ground of belief of it having spread. A full weight fell off our shoulders by this news.

For the time heart I have to be brief since we’re headed out for her surgery in a bond hours and I need to disposition some supplements for her before we retirement. I’ll re-visit to subjoin more as we go through the projection. You’re invited to check back in spite of updates.

The fact is, our material part needs nutrients and vitamins in the erect amount.