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Under this clement of symptom is hemorrhoids excuse me?????pressing

Health Advisory Description: there have been three months before the day enteritis stool anus 4.5 besides appeared bloated eat good medicine according to a month now day stool anus bloated tot~y day want to be on the evacuation but not out, however. Squatting devise look good points (two weeks during one time the paper has posterity) What are hemorrhoids it? Before checking enteritis power Gastroenterology done no written inside stool occult blood negative.
I thank the instructor for a quick answer – in what plight to treat and prevent

Condition parsing:
Hemorrhoids generally recommended conservative treatment have power to take Huaijiao and hemorrhoid-speed tablets. Topical requires Ma Ying Long Hemorrhoids Ointment handling to try.
Avoid spicy diet and tippling. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Avoid keen stool.

Condition analysis:
Hello according to the condition you described is part of the execution considerations of hemorrhoids disease
Hello commendation active prevention treatment adjusted according to examination. Zhu Jiankang

Condition analysis:
Hello. This is in a fair way to have caused such symptoms of hemorrhoids.
Such a feeling is well-suited to lead to hemorrhoids. To behave a liver and intestine Section Anoscope apprehend is not there hemorrhoids.

Condition resolution:
Hello. According to the symptoms you relate the current analysis does not guide out the cause of hemorrhoids.
Oral levofloxacin management recommendations. Metronidazole and Huaijiao. Topical potassium permanganate liquefaction for cleaning. Severe require surgery. Usually keen and spicy food taboos, quit spirits of wine, usually eat more vegetables and fruits. Keep the evacuation. Note local hygiene.

Anal hemorrhoids are located on top of the dentate line. Lithotomy situated 3.7.11 theme. No anal skin covered from the interior part soft bolus submucosal expand varicose hemorrhoid netted plexus formed according to different pathological changes in mental hemorrhoids tissue. Divided into three image: 1. Type 2. fibrotic vascular swollen veins 3. Type internal hemorrhoids should pre … All >>
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