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Upper rank

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One of the ut~ popular categories on the blog is Food in the breeze. This is the tag I application to showcase meals served to me or readers for the period of flying experiences.

Today’s post slips into this head, but with a special twist. This is the first Food in the air romance sent to me in real time from a volley still taking place and the rudimentary time I have shared details of a grain in powder not in economy class.

Check it away!

My buddy Quarrygirl sent me a paragraph message today to inform me she had been upgraded to Virgin Upperclass and wanted to contingent a photo of her meal… from the flock !

Here’s the photo:

virgin upper vegan mealHere’s what Quarrygirl had to statement about her food in the firmament experience:

I got upgraded to Virgin Upper Class and they be seized of so much vegan shit. They be assured of which wines are vegan, which breads are vegan and attend an epic vegan curry.

The volitation attendants are super nice and used to the expression. vegan. They only offered me assured wines and beers. They even warned me hind part before honey!

Sounds like the way to journey if you can manage it. Massive thanks to Quarrygirl for reporting back middle-flight and all the best by LA Vegan Beer & Food Festival preparations.

You wholly should follow Quarrygirl on Instagram.

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Often, migraines too bring hyper sensitivity to sounds and lungs, making your experience even more unhappy.