Posted in Flagyl on May 7, 2015

National Security Adviser Susan Rice today insisted that the Obama Administration expects the incoming Israeli body of executive officers to both endorse a two-recite solution and to be sincere around it.

This is in spite of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu running in successi~ a policy explicitly opposed to a two-state solution, and likely coalition colleague Neftali Bennett saying he wouldn’t join ~ one government that isn’t opposed to Palestinian statehood.

US officials desire reportedly warned they will “reevalutate” their management toward Israel, likely a reference to their unrestricted backing at the UN, if Israel doesn’t make evident a “genuine commitment” to the reconciliation process.

This has long been a uncompliant balancing act for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who in spite of years has had to placate calm more hawkish coalition partners with moves repugnant toward the Palestinians, while trying to lay away up the pretense of support according to peace enough to keep the US satisfied.

Historically this has meant workmanship no progress on peace, blaming the Palestinians, and expanding the settlements, allowing the White House seems to subsist increasingly unsatisfied with that policy.

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