Posted in Flagyl on June 13, 2015

I be apprised your panic–we went through a resembling thing in February after my daughter’s 3rd Remicade instil lation. She actually ended up in the hospital as antidote to a week, and I was worried that Remicade wasn’t going to work for her.

At that time, divers people on the forum gave me the notice that you’ve gotten here: that kids often need higher dosing or combo therapy. That was definitely the circumstance for my daughter. We ended up having to adject EEN, MTX, and budesonide, along with changing the infusions to every 6 weeks. With quite this, she finally started to learn better. (Her doctor is still adjusting dosing, nevertheless, and is going to increase the disagreeable lot again at the next infusion.)

So ay, do what you can this weekend to tranquillize things down–EN, or whatever your spree-to foods are during a unsteady light. But then I would ask your learned man on Monday about increasing the common occurrence and/or dose of Remicade, and adding MTX or imuran for example a combo therapy.

Hope your son feels improved in health soon. (Are his exams almost from one side to the other? That should help too.)

Daughter E (12) dx with Crohn’s 12/18/14
Remicade started 12/24/14 (5 mg/kg every 6 weeks)
Budesonide started 3/3/15 (taper, currently 3 mg daily)
spoken MTX started 3/13/15 (15 mg hebdomadal)
folic acid, prozac
zofran viewed like needed for nausea with MTX
90% EN by way of NG tube 2/9/15 – 4/2/15
50% EN via NG tube 4/3/15 – 4/18/15
Supplemental EN by way of NG tube started 5/7/15

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