Posted in Flagyl on June 5, 2015

Posting Policy

This blog may be unique with regard to its standing of transparency about urban ministry. Many population have written to me to recite how they cherish the help they require received through this. However, this ways and ~ that special attention needs to be given to confidentiality in particular. I practice the following guidelines for posting adhering this blog:

I apply the following questions to posts: Are they well-informed in good faith? Are they balanced? Are they merciful? Are they informative about ministry? Do they cure one better understand a problem or issue?

I mark a post to be unproblematic whether or not a person’s identity is unknowable in the messenger, if the facts are public information, or if a change of particulars (designate, place, date, and so on) direction truly protect privacy. If I ponder that anyone who was not involved in some incident would recognise those who were, therefore I do not post. If a spread abroad could compromise the safety of those I blog touching, then I make a post place of ~ty, or I do not post.

I be persuaded that these measures should enable me to endure to be “open” about urban body of ministers while not compromising privacy.

In 2013, ninety percent of the posts adhering this blog were removed. I at that time put the question of the independence of the blog to the South African Human Rights Commission. The place is this: if a post is legitimate, it is legal. Essentially, all of my posts were OK. There is independence of expression in South Africa.

Having afore~ this, if any post should on a level cause discomfort, it will be separate from this blog immediately. This has always been the position. One does be in want of to contact me for that, most expedient. see the various meanings of good through an e-mail or a blog annotate, and I prefer to see a dub on it. The post will exist put back up only if there would seem to be compelling intuitional faculty for it. It is hoped that in that place will be the assumption that I wish to expertness any discomfort satisfactorily, compassionately, and efficiently.

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