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Horowitz, D. (2010). Buy my hats! New York, NY: G.P. Putnam’s


Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction (Animal)

Summary: This volume follows Frank and Carl as they struggle to exchange hats at their corner stand. Throughout the week, they front retail competition from other stands and they straightforward cannot figure out why they aren’t selling in ~ degree hats. They lower their prices and make some ~ in. their tactics, but still no success! But with a strike of lightning and a narrow rain, Frank and Carl get their hat shack back put ~ track!

Grade: 2nd-3rd

Using the part as a Mentor text:

This volume is great to use as a counsellor text for multiple purposes. First, the volume includes a good deal of conversation between multiple characters. Therefore, students be able to be directed to look how the writer implemented the use of dialogue, being of the cl~s who well as the tone of suffrage of the different characters throughout the dialogue. Students can look closely at the extract marks, note their purpose, their growth, and how sentences or phrases are usually concluded about the author includes a statement through dialogue. For example: “Maybe we should take a bribe for skateboards,” said Frank. This is every important point to discuss with students because without the closing, the reader would not necessarily know who made that statement. When the students are instrument a narrative or a short invention with characters, they can become additional familiar with writing dialogue and using figure expression through seeing the examples through every part of Dave Horowitz’s book.

This main division also contains speech bubbles and multiple forms of punctuation like exclamation points, question marks, periods, and ellipses. Therefore the preceptor can discuss how Mr. Horowitz used them to transmit different meanings in the book, and the students can use them as examples to implement in their writing.

One other sport aspect of this book is that it talks with regard to advertising and it includes multiple advertisements with respect to the different stands in the work. It would be a fun model to have the students possibly be ~ed their own toy or invention and set down about it to explain it and cause to grow a corresponding advertisement. This would be fun and engaging for the students in the manner that they would get to be creative in to come up with their toy or device and they could color their notification or even use technology to produce it!

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