Posted in Flagyl on June 5, 2015

Well. I’ve made it every entire month writing about something that I’ve been support a secret for years. After the first few entries this month, I truly wanted to quit. I mean like I had a taciturn meltdown about it. Owning my shit and book about my shit are two manifold struggles. When this month began, I notion there was no way I would be able to do both.

And turn the thoughts what happened …

I fucking did it.

I feel like I did when I crossed the get done line of my first half marathon. Elated. Proud. And extremely stunned. Just like training for a tedious race, in so many ways, I’ve been tuition myself to write about this … ~ dint of. being open with people about my struggle, by being aware of triggers, and ~ dint of. being honest with myself. Speaking of vital principle honest.

During residency, I tried to issue sure that every post I sent facing to the interwebs was one that was famous. I needed them to be lucid so that I could remain focused. Now, back in the preservation of my lab (and almost altogether the way unpacked) I know I have to own up to something.

I had individual really fucking hard day at res. I graceless my water bottle, got in embarrassment in Workshop, one of my heroines yelled at me in face of a group of my peers, and I was affecting like shit. My calories were equitable on the money, cool, fine, anything. But I felt like shit, and a expert behavior for me is that then I feel like shit mentally, I should be impressed the same physically.

Over the deportment of my struggles with anorexia, I hold often reverted to abusing laxatives. Not that I needed to thrust out anything that was going into my body  … otherwise than that that’s a realization that’s singly come now. Anyway, I brought the greatest box of this giant stash of those tiny chocolate flavored squares with me to res. Why? Who fucking knows. No, scratch that. I know why. I brought them being of the kind which a safety measure, just like I sustain a knife and I sleep with a handgun near. Packing the box in my suitcase reassured me that grant that shit really hit the fan, I at all times had the bars with me.

So back to this crap-tastic twenty-four hours. It was terrible, and I worn out a significant amount of time engaging in self-hate talk, working myself into a tizzy. It was recently deceased; the gym was closed, so in that place was no constructive outlet for me, and my brain was fried in the same state writing was out. I went to my suitcase. Pulled not at home the box and shoved six of the pieces in my orifice. Started to chew. Stared at the box, the raised vocable, “Relief” staring back at me. Kept chewing. And afterwards ran to the bathroom and throw out them out. Said out loud, “Nope. I’m not starting that shit anew.” Flushed the rest of the box. Brushed my teeth and unequivocal to stop being a little slut about things. So it was a corrupt day. Big deal. They happen to everyone. One baneful day should not and cannot parsimonious failing at this recovery.

The nearest day, I took some time in the break of day to sit and think about what I’d (almost) done. I’m abashed that I started to eat the laxatives. But apprehend what’s better? Being proud while fuck that I stopped and spawl them out.

This has been one epic month. Whew! I’m looking head to switching the theme for June. What have a mind it be? Check back tomorrow to discovery out. 

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