Posted in Flagyl on June 3, 2015

We were tasked through creating fashion shoot photos, experimenting through a range of styles of photography and types of lighting. We created vein boards with Fashion photography images and unequivocal to recreate fashion photography in a workshop, and try out some  highway style photography. I was personally inspired Yvan Rodic, who’s personal blog and more mainstream street pin blog, capture interesting and beautifully fashionable people all over the world. We modeled in quest of each others photos, and worked in mean average sized groups. As a group we worked well in concert and enjoyed the workshop, which happened to exist my first time using a professional camera. I edited the photos to bestow them a more artistic feel, and used photoshop to remove slight blemishes on the closeup of Lottie. I didn’t accomplish this with charlies portrait as I wanted it to obtain a more raw style about it. 

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