Posted in Flagyl on June 7, 2015

Chris Ofili Elephant Dung Painting Valued at $2.3 Million

Chris Ofili’s picture The Holy Virgin Mary

Doug Kanter/AFP/Getty

By Drew Mackie


06/02/2015 AT 11:45 AM EDT

One of the in the greatest degree controversial artworks of the 1990s is going up for auction, and it could be yours – elephant ordure and all – for around $2.3 the great body of the people.

The Holy Virgin Mary, a 1996 picture by British artist Chris Ofili, created a firestorm of debate when it was exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum of Art in 1999. The painting depicts a black Madonna figure baring person breast, which is made from lacquered elephant excrement and surrounded by butterfly-like formations of pistillate genitalia (a play on the word putti, a type of cherub depicted in strict art).

Many Catholics – in strange Rudolph Giuliani, who was mayor of New York at the time – objected to the painting. Giuliani even attempted to withdraw the $7 the great body of the people grant the city had given the museum, further the museum’s management successfully sued, citing open speech rights.

The painting’s current possessor, Australian pro gambler David Walsh, direction sell it at a June 30 vendue at Christie’s in London. And in plight you’re doubtful that anyone would pay that abundant for a poop painting, the New York Times reports that any bidder has already guaranteed Christie’s a least part price.

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