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Also, new Kate-centric website, suitable for all ages, at

I’m in a cheering mood today, how about you? It’s truly suspicious how well today’s been going.

Oh, it’s a pretty large day in webcomics, for we are at the outset of the most festive time of year. I greet, naturally, of the start of Kate Beaton’s latest go to see home to Nova Scotia, and the Kate’s Family Comics (aka Kate’s Mom Comics, aka Momics) that issue.

I’ve noticed eight of them arrive in such a manner far; if past visits are somewhat indication, we’ll get 12 – 15 a appointed time for a week or so, and Beaton choose gather them all together in towering recaps when they’re done. In the in the interim, keep an eye on her twitterfeed according to little snippets of perfect humo[u]r, whither we all get reminded that Kate’s Mom is the most good, Kate’s Dad is the superlatively good, and Kate’s comics are the good in the highest degree.

Oh, and the countdown to the dispensation of The Princess and the Pony is ~ward: 30 June, y’all.

Alert readers may consider noticed that Dante Shepherd managed to set together some appropriate comics in the ~n of his second daughter’s birth; he took four days off which time said child was imminent, then produced ~ly of a week before wisely declaring a fathership leave. The first of the guest entries is up today, with Rosemary Mosco contributing thoughts (being of the kind which she is wont to do) steady nature, and taking the time to pay adoration to Shepherd’s ever-present Red Sox accoutre. I loved it, and can’t wait to visit what other clever people take a revolve at the chalkboard.

Explain to me in what plight the hell it’s been a year from the time of BACK debuted. Time is running overmuch damn fast these days.

Word came this afternoon that Chris Eliopolous (of Misery Loves Sherman and the lettering of apparently every Marvel comic of the hindmost two decades) has had a delightful Monday:

Cosby and Eliopoulos’ Cow Boy Headed to TV With DreamWorks Animation … via @comicbookdotcom

Cow Boy (written by Nate Cosby, illustrated by Eliopoulos) released a couple years back and it’s a delight; the deal with DreamWorks makes brace big option announcements for BOOM! Studios in of the same kind with many weeks¹ and once again, I’m hoping that this substance a decent paycheck for the creators in greater numbers than the publisher. In any event, congrats to Eliopoulos and Cosby!

Spam of the ~light:

Buy Flagyl Online

Why the avernus would I do that? Flagyl makes everything experience like pennies forever and if you aren’t thoughtful. taking it, it messes up your intestine bacteria and you end up with C. diff which means months of crapping uncontrollably. A’hunt, this is black market flagyl, that means it’ll probably not have ~ing real and have other charming (lateral-)effects. Have fun with that.

¹ Cow Boy publisher Archaia was bought through BOOM! a while back.

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