Posted in Flagyl on June 1, 2015


In our life in front of Crohn’s I never would be obliged noticed this subway poster. If I did I would have no idea what it is instead of. Now ads like Humira, Remicade they stand wanting like a neon sign. A intelligence headline would have been ignored antecedently & now I scour the tissue for them, & Entyvio and Simponi. Sometimes I can’t confident how much our lives revolve on every side of IBD.

I have met many parents who meet with it difficult to sign their small tub up for an Anti-TNF medication or at all biologic. I had about a 24 hr period to make that decision. At that impetus I felt like I had none decision at all. My 11 year of advanced age was lying in a hospital seam, just fighting through getting her kidneys & pancreas to set out working again. It was the 3rd time in her life I felt like I was going to dislodge her. The first was when she was born not craving as the embillical cord choked her for the time of labor. It was the most stressful & shortest labor I could imagine aggregate happening in less than 45 minutes from walking into the hospital & giving lineage. Thanks to some amazing nurses Dani survived & thrived. The 2nd time was whereas she was 3 and we form in a mould out she was allergic to Penicillin ~ the agency of way of anaphylaxis. In her life she has had 2 anaphylaxis reactions. The other reciprocal action was on Remicade as she had built up antibodies. That was scary towards the infusion patients, but I remembered which it looked like.

The decision to deviate Remicade was a no brainer concerning me because it was our only shot to see her out on the supposition that the hospital. Cipro, Flagyl, TPN, they whole weren’t showing any signs of slowing from the top to the bottom of the bowel or returning her CRP levels whither they needed to be. If I wanted her to leave the hospital it was surgery or Remicade. Remicade seemed the in a superior manner way to go. Through the tears I signed the papers to influence her started. I can’t put confidence in how quick she felt stronger. When antibodies showed their shocking head towards Remicade I am grateful there was Humira. I wish it helped Dani like to helps likewise many others. Simponi is the ONLY medication that aye gave Dani remission, albeit 4 months. It was the most good 4 months of her life since IBD.

I hear stories of persons with Crohns & Ulcerative Colitis 20+ years since who never had these options. For the half-life Dani & our family have had, I too love biologics.

I don’t miss the irony of this poster.  It is a image of a bathroom. A room someone through IBD spends A LOT of time in. I know Humira treats other diseases. Probably not the with most propriety choice for ads to give the sensibility of freedom if you switched to Humira whether you had IBD. Marketing people should gain thought of this…

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