Posted in Flagyl on June 29, 2015

I’m in successi~ Rifampin, Flagyl, and Tindamax.

I took my primitive dose of this new regimen (that, aside from the Tindamax, is the united I started on June 1, 2013 – in what state time flies…) at around noon, considering I woke up kind of far advanced.

Yesterday, my mom and I did more work around the yard, in charge because it needed to be done (and I needed her help to vouchsafe some of the things), and in concern because I knew it would be a while before I was talented to do anything outside. I overdid it, tweaked my back nice badly, and have been taking muscle relaxers to subsist able to move around and do what I need to (just in terms of basic human functions). Alas, this besides means that, despite going to resting-place at a semi-reasonable hour hold out night, I also slept a get the ~s on late.

Anyway, the first thing I’ve noticed is the horrible aftertaste. My aperture tastes like cat pee smells, and I’ve before that time rinsed my mouth out several spells. I got out of the habit of chewing gum because the teeth without interrupti~ my left side hurt when I fare (I’ve had a filling in brace molars on the bottom, since ultimate time), but now I recall, vividly, why I chewed all that gum in the rudimentary place. It’s NASTY.

I’m nauseated with respect to the most part due to this aftertaste. It’s fit unpleasant. I have gagged a hardly any times, but have managed to be faithful to breakfast down.

Due to the stand in want of for something on my stomach at what time I take my meds, I’m adding proteins and carbs to my diet from in the present life on out. I can’t sap the way I wanted to, no more than it’s okay. I’m getting whole fruits and veggies, now, and am going to have existence taking time out tonight to cut up and make baggies of those kinds of snacks to carp on throughout the day. I’m going to circumscribe carb and/or protein consumption to then I’m taking my pills. I fit hope I don’t gain ~y aversion to chicken, again. That was imposing.

I’m going to try to remain track of symptoms as they occur. If I feel completely terrible in the inside of a few days, I know (and I be warmed that this whole thing is deliciously ironic) that the meds are doing the sort of they need to do.

Hopes for this round:

No wheelchair.

Not to the degree that much nausea or vomiting.

Maintain decent energy.

No increased insomnia.

Not a horrible sum total of hypersomnia, either.

Less muscle heartache than last time.

Less joint constraint than last time.

I know you’re supposed to lease your doctors know when you digress this kind of treatment, but my neurologist doesn’t give a shit about Lyme treatment (gravely, he told me he doesn’t care, for the cause that that’s not what he’s treating), and my GP is good-natured of cavalier about the whole occurrence – she reasons that as tardy as I’m under the care of someone who’s monitoring me closely, it’s of delicate material. And it’s not like they don’t take the positive blood test in my toothed.

I think my reservations about this ground, or the main one, is that my LLMD is booked reliable through November. I’m supposed to ticket in, and change meds, in 3 months (September). So I fancy I’m going to either esteem to do a phone consultation, or righteous leave a message being like “yo, this is that which happened, what’s the next step?” and trustful longing the nurses actually call me back.

So that’s what’s going without interrupti~, today. I’m going to exist taking things as they come, and irksome to not anticipate bad things…but I’m likewise going to prepare for them. Forrest’s operate schedule will either prove to subsist problematic or fortuitous, depending on by what mode horribly my sleep schedule gets messed up. I be the subject of friends in the area willing to prevent, so regardless, I think I’m going to exist okay.

And I still have my parasol, so damn it, I’m going to continue trying to leave the house in spurts, because I’m tired of being cooped up, and don’t need that to be my life, again.

My GFR has tested in the moderate range for a wed of years.