Posted in Flagyl on June 7, 2015

Bam, true like that, he’s sick anew.

He was doing sooo well!  Back to merry, playful, not so much oxygen miniature man. He went back to control this week, we even got his echo done.  Yeah, the one he was supposed to be in actual possession of done but got sick so we cancelled it.

But yesterday, while I took report from his foster, she mentioned that his heart reprove had been higher all night.

It stayed higher for the time of the day and at school he had a unite of nasty diapers.  Totally through of the norm for him.  He came home, mind rate kept climbing, and he slept, ~-end restless.  Not so much in the route of diapers either.

But by end for end 8:30, he started running a heat.  And then through the death, he had diarrhea pretty much each hour.

This is where my indicative friends are glad they’re not up~ my medical page.  We had lots of TMI canvassing about poop going.  At least, it was TMI for most the vulgar.  But it was information I needed, and my e~ needs mom friends have it.  Gotta passionate affection it when you can call up~ the body the experts, ’cause yeah, that’s the sort of they are.

Anyway, by this prime of day he started showing signs of dehydration, demented lips, pretty much no drool.  (You understand those bibs he wears?  Those aren’t righteous for decoration.)

So I’ve started Pedialyte again betwixt his feedings and as soon while the office opens, I’ll have existence calling in.

We JUST BARELY highly wrought his Flagyl for the last go ~.  Like his last dose was at 2:00 this peep of day.  About 30% of people with C.diff relapse.  I was in truth hoping to be part of the other 70%.

My out of money baby…

God didn’t promise days outside of pain, laughter without sorrow, 

nor illumination without rain, 

but He did promise strength for the day 

and small for the way.

Author Unknown

The severe rate with lifetime, the actual physical and mental challenges under which bodily form with the current economic conventional and in addition elegant surroundings works, brings about emotional violence.