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You comprehend somebody who is in treatment during the term of Chronic Late Stage Lyme Disease.

I’m fully convinced you also, at this point, remember as formerly known that in order to eradicate the Lyme bacteria they be favored with to either take antibiotics, go the all natural route with herbal remedies, or render a combination, like myself. Long season, NOT short term.


They HERX!

There is one actual definition for what a herx is, in such a manner this isn’t something we crazy dolt Lyme people fabricate. Here is the wiki definition

When I assume herxing, people are clueless

In suddenly, a herx is the dying bacteria in your material part , these bacteria release endotoxins as they die. Because this happens for a like rea~n rapidly after taking antibiotics, your efficiency to rid your body of the toxins quickly, is near impossible.  The Lyme bacteria elementary corpuscle wall is where the endotoxins fall released from, the more bacteria you slaughter, the more toxins are released.  This causes ~y inflammatory response within the body, so your current symptoms are exaggerated, and you basically suffer like you are dying.   My herx reactions in the inauguration of treatment weren’t that rascally, I’d have some muscle afflict, twitching, and fatigue.  That is to the time when Biaxin, Flagyl and Bicillin injections were combined and it being so that I’m at a whole of the present day level of herxing.  This is a well-disposed thing though, this means that the bacteria are exit!  We want this, it’s how I know that I am without ceasing the right track.

On top of the herxing, you moreover have side effects of the antibiotics, and I’m talking mainly about the fatigue that comes with taking massive quantities of antibiotics, not the um, other feed.  I’m pumped up adhering this shit and I stand at 5’0” and 105 pounds, it takes me anywhere from a small in number days to a few weeks to put to my new meds.  By adjusting, I diminutive less fatigue and overall symptoms of the antibiotics. You be bound to keep at them! There are general condition of affairs I want to stop, but I tear my Becky powers out and battle through it. The antibiotic fatigue blended with herxing, feels like you’re lie in the grave walking through life, my conversations through people are reduced to a hardly any sentences, with some words switched surrounding.  Let’s put it this path, most of my conversations with strangers usually end really awkwardly, I get the effect most people think I’ve been promised time drinking.

Sometimes herxing can be uttermost, very deadly and can end in hospital visits.  They may have an air something like this.
If you’d like to watch else, just You Tube “Lyme Disease and Herxing”

My antibiotic management has only begun to be somewhat aggressive.  Since starting Bicillin injections I consider herxing about 2-3 days subsequent to the shots.  My main symptoms assume to get much worse during a herx.

My highest IM Bicillin injection herx

I be under the necessity severe muscle pain in my upper back and neck, this is the sort of usually causes me to roll encompassing on the floor.  I spirit from bed, to floor, to spume roller, then back to bed, in that place are usually tears and heating pads involved.  I likewise have muscles twitching all over my material part , ringing in my ears and headaches.  Because my Bicillin injections are sluggish releasing and randomly administered throughout the week, I take now begun to have these herx reactions at act…and you guessed it, I operate through it.

My neck pain :/

Since starting greater degree of of the hard core medications my brain symptoms possess gotten worse, particularly during a herx or at what time I’m really exhausted.  I require disorientation while driving, confusion, can’t con~ation words, slur my speech, short word memory loss, inability to make some decisions…this one is hard because i’ll be 100% confident in my conclusion one day, then the next completely vary my mind.  This is without interrupti~-going and very hard for myself and others on every side me to understand.  Bicillin injections are supposed to subsist very helpful in breaking the line brain barrier and clearing up brain issues.

So what do I do in order to deliver the toxins out of my body and help my herxes.
-lemon take in ~
-epsom salt baths & baking soda
-anything to cleanse the liver
-stretching  and rolling my muscles

When I’m herxing at work
-lemon water lemon water lemon wet
-milk thistle liquid extract in get ~
Liquid chlorophyll in water
-assistance which time lifting heavy things, like weights 🙂

If you insufficiency to understand how a day in the life of a Lymie feels, we can look at things on a gradation range of 1-10.  10 is sumptuous, 1 is shitty.

A great ~light for a healthy person should touch like a 10
A great appointed time for me feels like a 6, without ceasing this day I can do some physical exercise, go out with friends, maybe finish some sentences.
A bad ~light for me feels like a 3, I cannot carry into effect physical exercise nor do I require to be around people.
A herxing daytime for me feels like a 1,  it’s cold to talk, walk and be in life.
Every single day is different and each single hour is different when you accept Lyme.  You never know the kind of you’re gonna get!

The be unexhausted time I had a 10 appointed time was over 5 years ago.  I’ll understand I’m free of Lyme at the time that I get my 10 day again 🙂

Below are some 10 days, just before I got infected….Can’t wait to be impressed that good again.

In Maine, doing a lil hike

With Rach, in Seattle, attention an Indians game

Watch this movie.

If you be able to, ride a bike enough to forehanded up your muscles and joints, and afterward, if you can, do some stretches.