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Mongol TV reveals corrupt media practices in Mongolia. Photo by: Jeppe Nybroe

A copulate of days ago, Lhagva Erdene, a companion JMSC alumn and former classmate of mine, posted on Facebook that he and his Mongolian TV office, Mongol TV, decided to do a actual existence check on the state of the nation’s journalism ~ means of offering to pay nine of Mongolia’s greater media houses to run a invention.

Unbeknownst to the news outlets the statement was fake, and unfortunately for them they didn’t annoy to get the facts straight in the presence of running it.

“[A]fter nine phone calls, nine emails and nine bank transactions of roughly 4,000 USD today ~ dint of. 3 pm every single one ran the romance word to word,” Lhagva, the Executive Producer of Mongol TV’s News Department, wrote up~ the body Facebook.

The fake story claims that McDonald’s volition come to Mongolia with McMutton meals and goat milkshakes, and Lhagva approached the media outlets claiming to have existence the public relations manager for the made-up gathering Wholesome Foods Mongolia.

“I chose to bring forward so many ridiculous hints inside the tale for any journalist to fact barrier, but they didn’t. All they asked from me was ‘How choose you pay for it?’,” Lhagva wrote. Among other things, the fake moment quoted an imaginary McDonald’s Asia Region Manager referred to since Mr. P. Rank.

Mongol TV’s tidings consultant Jeppe Nybroe came up by the prank after finding out that Mongolian media outlets urgent application stories for money, something which Lhagva told me is “extremely common practice”.

The nine media outlets that were targeted were three online intelligence portals,, and, the three projecting free-air TV stations TV5, EAGLE TV and the public public broadcaster MNB, as well because Mongolia’s three biggest daily newspapers Udriin Sonin, Unuudur and Zuunii medee, Lhagva declared.

When asked what the purpose of this media assay was, he explained: “We showed that the word is corrupted. We showed that they don’t order for money facts. If journalism is corrupted at that time the basis of our democracy is suspicious.”

As could be expected, the embarrassed media houses didn’t fly back in kind. “I am acquisition a lot of heat from the media houses now,” Lhagva said on the ~light the fake story ran, when Mongol TV started confronting the intelligence services.

“One of the quotidian papers, Zuunii medee, has said: ‘You guys are journalists. Why are you doing this? This is unethical.’ One of the advice website said: ‘Yes we ran it, on the other hand the paying party is responsible in the place of what they produce’,” Lhagva declared.

After Mongol TV ran a minute on their findings, Jeppe Nybroe wrote on Facebook: “Corrupted journalism is a public secret in Mongolia, but it’s not something Mongolian media recite on. Mongol TV decided to display and document the corrupted system of ‘paid journalism’. Now it’s out in the open – now the standards and ethology of journalism is intensely discussed – how to improve news journalism in Mongolia is without ceasing the public agenda.”

Featured representation of an object by Jeppe Nybroe.

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