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MS Dhoni : The Legendary Leader — May 6, 2015

MS Dhoni : The Legendary Leader

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On 19th march 2015, Umesh Yadav bowled a scanty ball, Rahman pulled it and hazard it flat to Shami , Indians were overwhelmed. There were completely sorts of expressions from the Indians. Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan in their “Delhi Style” expressed impregnable emotions by bursting into joyful cries of conquest. Suresh Raina hugged everyone on the scope and Ashwin ran from fine leg to the center faster than he ~more has in his career. Rohit Sharma was relieved that his intemperate fought century had not gone in vain. And for what cause wouldn’t the Indians be rejoiced! They qualified for World Cup semis and had not irreclaimable a single game in the competition and more so Indians just came from a horrible line in Australia. Amidst this joy was Mahendra Singh Dhoni , quiet cool and composed and only a distant grin on his face. Apart from the certainty that this was the seventh consecutive win in the tournament, Mahendra Singh Dhoni had completed 100 ODI wins taken in the character of a captain. The fans probably witnessed a smiling Dhoni at the end of the heroic.

“Dhoni is the best chief I have played under.”- Sachin Tendulkar. When the feeble master says it there is no refuting. It justifies his superb supremacy qualities and the spirit in that he plays the game. At the expiration of the game, Dhoni spoke during the time that honestly as he had done completely through his career. Being composed, Dhoni spoke with evenness during the press conference notwithstanding there was a lot of suit going towards the team which even-handed reached the semifinals.  No surprise he has become a legend being of the cl~s who a loyal and reliable leader and earned the designate “Captain Cool”. It is wonderful that Dhoni has elated from unfavourable position of his birth in poor tribe to being a reason for solemnization in Indian cricket. Although some may speak aloud it good fortune, luck and timing excepting a closer analysis on his lead shows a different picture.

“If 15 runs are needed opposite to the last over ,pressure is adhering the bowler, not on Dhoni “-Ian Bishop.dhoni

A actual popular feature of Dhoni’s primacy is that he manages pressure station fabulously. Ability to stay calm and collected even at critical situations of the courageous is a dimension of his lead. He has also earned the epithet of “FINISHER” because of his talent to finish off close games ~ward a positive note. MS Dhoni’s  medial sum of 104.89 in 62 fortunate run-chases is the best-through all ages by any player in One-Day International narrative. What’s staggering is that he has remained unbeaten 30 times on the 49 occasions he got to cudgel in successful run-chases! This heterodox style of Dhoni to finish away games when the odds are stacked to counter-poise him speaks a lot of his private. Dhoni soaks in the pressure and this gives faith not only to him but rest of the team and ensures that the team fights to the time of the end. It is his uniqueness to manage tough situations with ease.

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Another wonderful feature of Dhoni’s leadership is that he for aye backs his player. The final besides given to Joginder Sharma over instructed Harbhajan Singh during the first T20 universe cup in 2007 was a inflated gamble. But we all know that which happened. This ability to extract the most wise out of your players is a high leadership skill. Often we have seen Dhoni defending molecular targets with spinners and playing one anchor role while chasing totals in a precarious contest. Dhoni thinks out of the box. Over the years he has turned Raina, Rohit and Vijay into work time spinners and Jadeja, Ashwin and Bhuvaneswar Kumar into sub-division time batsmen. Thus,the balance is similar that there is an equanimity in the team. The be won to confidence that Dhoni has bestowed on his players has brought the best of them. Despite not having seniors like Tendulkar and Dravid in his margin, he held the team together and instilled a understanding of team spirit.

“I dont fancy one can question MS’ leadership” – Virat Kohli

Humility is individual of the important quality attributable to Dhoni’s direction. It is quite evident that youngsters accept him to be a leader and be delighted with playing under him. His humbleness have power to also be observed in his come near towards the game. Often we desire seen that after recieving a trophy, Dhoni quickly hands it over to his team mates and gives credit to the result of the team and not individuals. At the period of the game there is not abundant triumphant celebrations from Dhoni. He foolishly picks up the stumps and walks off.

“When you compare the icons of the prey, you have Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni in the same bracket” -Ravi Shastri

As a leader Dhoni is aware that the spotlight is in successi~ him but he never hogs the limelight. He keeps a obstruction on his emotions all the time the two in victory and defeat. Dhoni’s tale is about a man doing uncommon things such as to be a role shape for aspiring leaders.He still has assign of cricket left in him and perchance, for us, there are more reasons to extol and lessons to learn from him.

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