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Hi the whole of!

I’ve made a playlist in successi~ my YouTube channel with some of the severe video clips I managed to take under which circumstances in New Orleans.  They are surpassingly short, but it hopefully will bestow you at least small idea of the zeal behind these live performances and the melody happening here.  Go here and check out the New Orleans 2015 playlist according to a tiny taste of Jazzfest!  In etc., there is a clip there of me from our accomplishment at the Blue Nile, in the French Quarter region of New Orleans.

In addition to what I’ve said in the accomplished about the high number of talented musicians in New Orleans and the supportive civilization in the city surrounding live minstrelsy, one of the other parts of the JazzFest actual feeling I enjoy is meeting and talking to touring bands and musicians that are at the festivities in the place of the same reasons we are, and at intervals these bands and musicians travel fair as far.  It’s entertaining to get their take on traveling and playing this charitable of creative groove music.  In ill-defined, there seemed to be those persons that were part of the inner part groups of bands, kind of like we are in Polyrhythmics, and on that account those independent musicians that get hired to put in operation in this or that group or clique.  These are the people that I place myself asking “who are you playing with this year?” because they may have ~ing in a different horn section or featured with a different group, etc.

Both of those types of conversations are equally fascinating to me, nevertheless I regret not talking more in various places just music and playing.  I be stirred as though this year if I became self-conscious or nervous I would fall back on those kinds of symphony business-type questions instead of asking well-nigh music.  Something to keep in opinion for next time…

A few extra photos:  


Frenchman Street, in which place many of the live music clubs are totality lined up.  This is definitely the way where I spent most of my time.


The blanket fort is from the friends’ house in what place we stayed.  The house was fine small so I slept on the pose under the table, which led one to build me a fort…the sign says “Art’s Fort – BEWARE IT STIRS”


The third photo is our keyboard player Nate and I riding in our friends’ covered wagon to get to one of the gigs.  We had to borrow some drums so Nate and I made ~ly it got there.  Don’t worry, it had seatbelts!

I was going to append a photo of the Alligator sausage I had, ~-end it tasted better than it looks, you’ll honest have to trust me!


Not in fact the actions of a guy who’s worried not far from hair loss.