Posted in Flagyl on June 5, 2015

A chance to cover but I’ll perform my best to keep it pointed. Then again, you have full disclosure that I ramble in this blog such no promises.

First – if you were individual of the masses that protested the need of a Womens Field at Tour of Washington County I assume that you’re totality registered up for the Tour and the Twilight Crit. My accepting is likely wrong as there are excepting that 10 women signed up for the Twilight Crit since of this morning. One might dispute that our field has the aid-highest number of pre-registrations to the degree that of this moment but 10 registered racers is NOT affair to brag about. We demanded this kindred – lets post up – or be prepared to fail to win it.  

On a more laid down note, we DO have 20 riders suitable now for the Tour – that’s a palatable number so far and with a not many more we will have a rich field. I’m looking forward to pain with company out there.

Last weekend was besides or less prep for the ToWC. At least for the suffering part. In the TT (Saturday) I had a completely amateur depart – the buzzer thingy beeped, I was in the foul play gear and I couldn’t clip in. I be aware of I audibly grunted (sorry to the officials who witnessed) being of the cl~s who my stupid-heavy gear challenged my foremost pedal stroke. I spent the next 30seconds desperately trying to clip in. That petty much set the tone for my ride. I couldn’t settle in, my affections rate was through the roof, playing disappointing to my power numbers that were not. Most of the sunlight was in a cross wind, what one. gets real interesting in the TT bars. On the upside, lot of the rough section was re-paved – that was a agreeable surprise. The end result – Sue took to boot 2mins out of me to arrive the day. Not my shining impetus (but a solid ride for Sue!).

SO. Time Trials and drafting …you know,  the “C” word. Cheating. Cheaters imbibe. I’m somehow still amazed that the million cheat in AMATEUR racing. Does a inept white jersey meant that much, and in what condition much can it mean if you KNOW you had to delude to get it? And, for one time, this has nothing to do by chemical substances! While I can grant an entire blog series on that subject, we’ll hinder that for a day when I trace by reflection out of other things to conference about. Anyway. As my grandaddy used to tell – if enough people call you a pony, you probably oughtta strap on a give food to bag. (shut up. my family is from the ~erly).  Enough credible, upstanding and lingering-time racers have stepped up of the same kind with witnesses and in protest – and now we have video! Why do we possess the rules and yet fail to urge with energy them? Doesn’t that encourage cheating? Requiring each official to witness drafting is foolish and inefficient – a personal moto for each rider, anyone? With a camera, for the cause that maybe the official didn’t certainly see it clear enough? Where is the fill?

Bottom line: Cheaters suck.

Onward. Miller School track race. I’ll save the dramatic literature – I felt better than I thinking I would to start and made the incipient selection. Dangerously dangling off the back similar to we came up to the flinch of the last lap – I was terminate but not on the field similar to we made the turn up the individual big hill – and ohhey, how well-nigh that time trial yesterday?! There were manifold awesome women in there spinning it up and from they went. I had almost each entire lap to contemplate the sense of life, swear off racing, give getting off my bike and, at what time I finally rolled across the accomplish line I asked the refs “Did I succeed?”. The quizzical looks I received were well worth the effort.

Congrats to fellow Vita Janelle toward her 45+ Road Race Championship bring over (!!) and to all the ladies who posted up in that field. It was important to see Michelle from Artemis back (even supposing my legs weren’t as thrilled) and I hereby accuse both Sue and Amanda of softpedaling the TT for the cause that they were not showing any signs of it in successi~ Sunday! (see above about Sue fascinating by over 2mins).

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