Posted in Flagyl on June 29, 2015

My 6 yr pre-existing Red cap Oranda (who I love dearly) has very red streaky lower part/fins that started today. Tail and round her face appear flaky. Eating ok. Bottom sitting behavior. The tank cycle crashed now and then in the last week – ph pitiless from 8.2 to 6.2 with ammonia and nitrite spikes. Not secure why, maybe the record high summer fever?

Normally tank is ph 8.2, am 0, Nitrites 0, nitrates 20.
BUT I assayed today and ph is 6.2, Am .5 and nitrites .25 .

Tank has been up on the side of 3+ years. Filtration is 2 canisters – Fluval 406, Fluval 306 and big HOB. 2 large Air stones. Tankmates are 4 Full grown fancies. I cheat 80-90 percent WC once a week.

Changes: unaccustomed food, using HikAri gold instead of Hikari lionhead.
Record to a great height temps, 108 degrees outside, 84 intimate, water temp has risen to 78.

Set up a hospital reservoir to quarantine. I am not certain how to treat, if it’s volatile alkali/nitrite burns, fin rot/bacterial, septicemia, fungal, internal? So far have only added 2 tbsps poignancy in 15 gal hospital tank.

Medicine forward hand: triple sulfa, maracyn 2, Api spongy excrescence cure, methylene blue, Prazipro, Metro+ metronidazole, Metro-meds and Medi-Gold.

Thank you!

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