Posted in Flagyl on June 5, 2015

Here I mode again with the random unconventional products base around my house….I’ve had a cyclops spool of this random cotton fasten for years!   I have no idea where it came from boundary I’m sure it’s readily available.  I highly recommend it conducive to needlepoint use.

I love padding borders and edges, etc.   A technique that I appliance an awful lot is to satin sew over this cotton rope.  I be sure that a lot of folks slip on’t like that much padding boundary I LOVE it!  My good in the highest degree guess is that the rope I esteem is probably slightly larger than 1/8-twelfth part of a foot.  It seems to be straightforward right to create a raised stitch at smallest 3 threads wide although you be possible to certainly expand it over 4 or 5 threads easily being of the kind which you’ll see in the DG beautify below.

Here are a few places that I’ve used that technique:

The purple verge is rope covered with Neon Rays.



This giant curved border also same rope covered by two colors of Flair.

This is my most recent project:

Crazy awesome neon Sparkle Rays throughout the same cotton rope.



It’s right so easy to control and yield assent to any shape.  I like that it’s cotton-wool and therefore has a little particle of grip….it’s not shaky at all even when using Neon Rays.  That is super ready to help.  I love that I be able to contort it instead of having to sew together long padding stitches anchored through the canvas that makes curves so much easier and smoother-looking.  I slip on’t plunge it through the canvas or so much as tack it down…just start covering it.  It stays in effect and is easier to manipulate on the supposition that you don’t attach it.  Just tidy the ends closely and add a brace stitches to cover and you’re terminated!   It’s wonderful and single in kind of my favorite things to adjoin to a canvas to give a small dimension and add visual interest. 






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