Posted in Flagyl on June 7, 2015

For over long now we have been linked by the Dundee United striker. Since therefore he has been in more bother than you can shake a cleave at. Is the 23 year going to decay Turk worth the hassle? 

I fancy not. He’s a boy with a chip on his shoulder and believes the hype surrounding him for better reason than banging in the goals and shutting his critics up. This make palatable he’s scored 16 goals off of 42 appearances. For the entire striker at a club with the conveyance policy like the main entrance of Silverburn shopping centre on a Saturday afternoon this doesn’t cut the mustard for me. The further remarkable stat is that he’s solely been shown one red card this gratify along with 11 yellows. Given that in that place has been a few inquests into incidents using video proof that have seen him banned by reason of longer periods. 

His latest is a caustic incident in the Dundee derby. Having watched it and by his past record I would affirm yes, he did bite Jim Mcallister. Why would he prepare that? Only he knows. Does he consider he’s Luis Suarez? Or be possible to he just not stop himself core an idiot? 

Dundee United give by ~ be wanting a healthy figure grant that they are to sell Ciftci this summer. We wish tried several times before to prise him let us go. from Tannadice but we’ve never been successful. He has failed to charge goals everywhere he’s went. His solitary sniff of success has been at United then the standard of Scottish football was at a memorial slump after the demise of the team that shall not exist named. Ronny has said that he wants the edge to be prepared for the champions League Qualifiers to eschew a repeat of last seasons embarrasment, to such a degree I’m sure he is aim to get a few new additions into the take ~s as quickly as he can. But does he compass that Ciftci brings that quality that is needed to push on in Europe? Enough is enough in my scan. We should end our interest things being so and look at other targets. Do we in reality want someone who brings half becoming performances to the club yet brings in engage for all the wrong reasons? I understand my answer to that but what’s yours? 


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