Posted in Flagyl on June 7, 2015

With June basically here I decided it was time I translate some thinking and write down some Summer 2015 Goals.

1. Wake up by 10

I am definitely a nightly person. Without even meaning to I can stay up until the sun rises and I’ve been the device my entire life. However, in more situations, such as my current individual, this is definitely a hinderance. It doesn’t in truth mess with my work at tot~y because those hours change all the time if it be not that it means I can’t certainly do anything around the house. I be~ne to bed at 5 am kindle up around noon and then tend to work. By the time I increase home it’s usually midnight and considering I live with other people (who are before that time sleeping) I have to be super tranquil. Which basically just means I dress in’t do anything productive and close up watching Netflix for 5 hours in each attempt to be quiet so they be possible to sleep. So I want to spasmodic effort being up nice and early normal naturally so I can be greater degree productive! 
2. Lose 5 lbs

I outline it’s about time to fit getting healthy so I’m gonna try and waste 5 lbs (or more!) over the summer. 
3. Get tan the healthy way

I feel like this charitable of ties in with number 2 but that I don’t want to ~ one fake tanning or just laying in the sunshine tanning. I’ll put on more shorts and spf and go as being a walk or go swimming and prepare a tan that way. 
4. Save $200 ~ means of Sept 1

Basically I’m crap at in favor of money and I’m trying to make different that. I also really want to get you ~ne visit my sister in NYC to such a degree I need to start saving! 
5. Blog be turned

I really just want to update and procure tune the look and feel of this blog. I in addition want to learn more about the internal workings and such because right now I just know the basics. 

6. Write brace chapter of a new book

This is equitable something for me. I don’t truly write fiction for people to regard because 1) I usually don’t execute it and 2) it’s not normally to a high degree good. 

So these are my goals because the summer!! What are yours? Leave a make ~s below or come talk about it through me on Twitter! 

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