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The limit of medical supplies and equipment urgently needed to enhance the recovery of greatest week’s fire victims is without end.

About 50 people are fighting on account of their lives in various hospitals in the principal after suffering burns from an bursting at a petrol station.

Official figures present the death toll from the in pairs floods and fire disaster on June 3, 2015 at 152.

Hours of torrential rains sunk wide parts of Ghana’s capital. The Kwame Nkrumah Circle became the epicenter of the blow.

An oil spillage in the freshet waters caused fire and an burst at the Goil Filling station adjacent the GCB bank at Circle.

The ardor consumed more than a hundred people – some of them burnt at a distance recognition.

Those who survived the burning of fuel are currently receiving treatment primarily at the 37 Military, Korle-Bu Teaching and Police Hospitals.

But hospital commanding scholars urgently need medical supplies and the invoice is a very tall one.

At the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, a of the present day national reconstructive plastic surgery and burns midmost point which would have fast-tracked the handling of the victims still has more key equipment not yet installed.

Items in the same state as laundry machines, hydraulic bath trolley, shower intercept, blood gas analyzer, blood bank fridge, oxygen establish/source, special trolleys for transporting patients to the serving to add force care unit, ICU consumables, 3-progression-tap, oxygen face mask, diathermy instrument of force, extra stool in the theatre and a elevate for the new building are lacking.

As a follow of this, the victims at the KorlBu Teaching hospital are inmost nature attended to in a regular defence which doctors admit would delay their retrieval.

But that is not the sole problem, many other equipment and of medicine supplies are badly needed and the government are hoping public-spirited organisations and individuals desire donate generously towards the acquisition of these items.

It is hoped that companies and spent students’ associations will undertake to surety the various equipment.



Gauze Roll 1

Cotton wool revolve 4

Crepe bandage 6 inches lOpieces

Silver Sulphadiazine 500mg x 2

Liquid Paraffin oil 200mls

Disposable gloves lbox

Normal salt-spring llitre

Zinc oxide plaster 6inches x 1

Vaseline Gauze 30x10cm a squad of 10

B. Dressings per persistent per week

Gauze Roll 3

Cotton wool impel forward 12

Crepe bandage 6 inches 30pieces

Silver Sulphadiazine 500mg x 6

Liquid Paraffin oil 600mls

Disposable gloves 3box

Normal briny 31itre

Zinc oxide plaster 6inches x 3

Vaseline Gauze 30x10cm 3packs

Dressings through patient per month

Gauze Roll 3×4 = 12 rolls

Cotton wool welter 12 x 4 = 48 rolls

Crepe band 6 inches 30pieces x 4 = 120

Silver Sulphadiazine 500mg x 6 x 4 = 500mg x 24

Liquid Paraffin oil 600mls x 4 =2.41itres

Disposable gloves 3box x 4 = 12boxes

Normal briny 31itre x 4 = 121itres

Zinc oxide stucco 6inches x 3 x 4 = 6inches x 12

Vaseline Gauze 30x10cm 12packs

Dressings against 13Patients for a month.

Vaseline Gauze 30x10cm 156packs

Zinc oxide stucco 6inches x 3 x 4 = 6inches x 156

Normal salt-spring 31itre x 4 = 1561itres

Disposable gloves 3box x 4 = 160boxes

Liquid Paraffin oil 600mls x 4 =321itres

Silver Sulphadiazine 500mg x 6 x 4 = 500mg x 312

Crepe binding 6 inches 30pieces x 4 = 1560 pieces

Cotton wool rotate 12×4 = 624 rolls

Gauze Roll 3 x 4 = 156 rolls


,Gefuroxime 750mg x t.d.s x 7days

f Metronidazole 500mg x t.d.s. x7days

IV Fluids 61itres diurnal for 5days

IV Omeprazole 20mg b.d. with respect to lOdays

5. Paracetamol suppositories lgm 6hourly conducive to 14days

IV Morphine lOmg 6hourly towards 7days

IV Meronem lgm 8hrly by reason of 3days for one patient in Korle-Bu

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