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Teeth teeth have a hole, a look in the early part of the day slowly teeth are blood, tooth also

Condition analysis :
Hello . This should have ~ing cause caries residual food residues capital to inflammation of the gums caused .
Guidance :
Hello recommended to consume anti-inflammatory anti-inflammatory therapy . Metronidazole and bezoar detoxification pills be able to be. But even as soon since possible to the hospital for method of treating of the teeth. The cavities filled. Otherwise bequeath recur . Best wishes

Condition analysis :
Hello . Your tooth fall into ~ caused by the hole should be . Bleeding and pain should be a local infection and cause vascular injury.
Guidance :
The in the highest degree way is to eliminate as shortly as possible taking metronidazole gingival violence . Pain can take ibuprofen . Then be of use to dental let the doctor give you root canal treatment and fillings !
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