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Bawk Bawk!

Bawk Bawk!

My family will immediately flap their elbows on the subject of seeing this image and caption. If you translate not recognize it, you are not human being of my people and likely this blog is overmuch old for you.


Same goes in quest of this one. Don’t know it? You’re not individual of my people. Shoo.

Easter weekend is in this place and I’m trying desperately to determine an issue smiles within it. Dental problem far-reaching-ignored are killing me and robbing me of total sleep. I’m a mouth breather and thus when I fall asleep and ~le breathing through my mouth, I arouse to pain so excruciating that I genuinely cannot obvious my mouth even to cry. And it’s a holiday weekend so best of luck acquisition affordable care. I’m trying to horsemanship with literal handfuls of Advil lengthwise with Flagyl. Right now it’s OK on the other hand that’s because I woke up at 2 sobbing silently and the torture subsided about 4:45 but ~ the agency of then it was pointless to depart back to bed…a decision I profoundly regret at 6:45 am Saturday spring-time.

I will spare all from particularize but will add that the connection of very heavy doses of antibiotic and OTC of each variety have clobbered my gut. It’s going to exist a long day.

But it’s a cooking light of ~ and I’m doing a assortment of new recipes. As with ~ numerous of my holiday cooking, everything is from scratch except the meat. That’s from Honeybaked. I am sharing my Easter Saturday and Sunday recipes by you ahead of time and order probably post results afterwards. Unless it turns fully truly shitty. So here we spree; every recipe here is from my cluster and previously made:

Easter Saturday Dinner (links attentive in new window)

So that’s the menu as far as concerns tonight. Easter Sunday, we are bringing dinner to Mom en masse so she can be hostess without the dish. Here’s what I’m workmanship for the family for tomorrow:

Easter Sunday Dinner

Time to influence started. Bawk bawk.

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