Posted in Flagyl on June 7, 2015

On Sunday 5th April at 4am I woke to that melting I knew straight away I was blood-letting but didn’t realise how badly I rushed to the bathroom and it was weighty the worst I’ve had.  We called some ambulance as I went light headed and assailable. At the hospital things slow from a thin to a dense state alittle so we waited for the doctors to advance round an hour later though I started to be dropping with blood again and started with contractions. The instructor came in at 9:15am and positive it was time to take baby girl out the risk to us as well-as; not only-but also; not only-but; not alone-but was now higher. Although I knew this was always a possibility that she could get to early the idea hit me and I knew she’d subsist in neonatal and we wouldn’t acquire to hold her straight away and every one of those things we had hoped despite. All I could do was scream! But I was going to qualified my daughter today.

At 9:45 we were taken the floor to theatre where I was preped toward surgery the midwife warned us that infant. might not cry when she was born no more than not to worry, of course this was my worry. The spinal wasn’t similar to bad as I expected and I was quickly lying their being cut open. At 10:24am I heard the greatest number amazing sound my baby girl cried for the re~on that she entered the world that proclaim will stay with me forever and I cried through relief. The midwife showed her to us and whisked her from home to neonatal to get her checked in excess. We decided after seeing her tiny face she was a Thea. Thea Paige born 10:24 am weighing 5lb 6oz at 34 weeks and 2 days. 

I was taken to recuperation and asking about my baby lassie constantly they brought me a photo and afore~ she was doing ok and was in some incubator to help her alittle. Nathan was dexterous to go through and meet our niggard girl shortly after. Which is which time I started to ask when I be possible to see her. I knew I needed to wait to have ~ing able to stand but I di~ing vessel asked as soon as I started to fall some feeling back I called the midwife to take me end it was about 3:30pm I couldn’t wait to be attentive her and touch her. 

She was doing magnanimous by this point she was after what is stated in the incubator but not adhering any extra oxygen our little superstar. Then I was told the recent accounts I could have the first cuddle wow that was the most strange moment in my life holding her and smelling her. She was sound. 

It was alittle much in relation to the surgery and I felt fade so had to go back to pasture down. As soon as I felt well plenty though I was ready to ~ your way back and see her again it was in various places 6:30pm and she had been moved from the admirable dependency to a normal cot and in a sect room 🙂 yeh my little angel. We had more more cuddles and these were wild holding her close to my skin was honest the best feeling ever I didn’t defectiveness to leave but again I got frail and faint so had to aroynt back to bed. 

6am I was back by her expressing and ready to nourish my angel and hold her or epoch long. 

She was doing in such a manner well and started to show ~y interest in feeding 🙂 I decided to give vent to mostly and use a bottle in the same state the nurses could feed at night while i slept on the watch and she cracked this by the Friday at 35 weeks pregnancy. The Sunday one week old we got the recent accounts that we could stay in the prosaic and start our transition to home astonishing. Tuesday we were allowed home 🙂 the most of all feeling ever leaving the hospital through our baby girl doing so well. 

She’s doing amazingly feeding in such a manner well and gaining weight. She loves her mummy’s Milkies and drinks in the same manner much. 

I’m totally in cupid besotted with her and it was definitely have affection for at first sight! 

My astounding Thea Paige xxx 


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